How best to wish a girlfriend a happy birthday: 6 creative ideas

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In the West, the method of congratulating a dear person is very popular when they arrange a surprise for him and meet him at home at a laid table in the company of all his friends gathered. In Russia, he has not yet taken root, but this does not mean that it is impossible to creatively and unusually congratulate a person dear to the heart on his name day. What is the best way to wish a friend a happy birthday?

By phone

What is the best way to reconcile with a friend? If you are currently in a quarrel and understand that she may refuse to talk to you on the phone, pay for the audio congratulations service and give her warm and kind words from the president, show business idol or cartoon character. It is unlikely that such a congratulation will leave her indifferent, and you will be able to make peace with a loved one.

personal present

Personalized gifts are always relevant and always popular, the main thing is to think over the carrier. If your friend is an avid bath attendant, you can order a personalized dressing gown or a whole set of bath accessories for her. The hostess will surely like an apron, dishes — a mug or a plate, designed in the form of a collage of her personal or your joint photos. However, you can decorate anything in this way — a vase, a flash drive, a charger, a lighter. In recent years, interest has grown in original personalized souvenirs, for example, comic award orders and «Hollywood stars».

Sweetness for joy

If your girlfriend has an incredible sweet tooth, then you can please her with a sweet present, but not a banal box of chocolates, but something more interesting and original. Today on sale you can find sweet bouquets, unusual sweets or cookies with predictions or wishes. You can come up with such wishes yourself, given the nature of the birthday girl, her humor and outlook on life. As an option, put the whole composition in a basket of boxes and jars with tea and coffee, sweets and other sweets.

Courier delivery of joy

Features of female friendship are such that people do not always have the opportunity to meet and see each other often. If you are friends and support each other at a distance, you can order courier delivery. Just imagine how nice it is to receive a bunch of flowers and balloons at home early in the morning! Such a present will be the very first and most memorable!

Interesting event

It is not necessary to celebrate a birthday at home or in a cafe in the company of numerous guests. If your friend is not a fan of such gatherings, you can give her something that will definitely delight her. An intellectual will surely like an invitation to a museum, exhibition or theater. You can give a young girl a ticket to a concert of her favorite artist, but an avid traveler can get a ticket to a country or a place in Russia where she always wanted to visit.

extreme fun

extreme fun

Alternatively, you can wish your friend a happy birthday so that she will remember it for the rest of her life. Think, maybe she has long dreamed of making a parachute jump? Or wanted to go on a trip around the neighborhood on a quad bike? Flying in a hot air balloon, diving into the depths of the sea with scuba gear, swimming with any representative of the water kingdom — all this will be accepted with a bang if your girlfriend is a fidget and is constantly looking for a way to tickle her nerves.

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