How to achieve what you want: strive for success!

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Each of us has our own desires and dreams. And it seems that there are a lot of ideas for their implementation, but the result is not always the one we expect. Why do so many of the things we dream of remain unrealistic? Maybe you need to change your attitude to life or use a different strategy?

Deciding on needs and desires

Deciding on needs and desires

First of all, you need to understand that all people have different needs. Some are easily content with little and, receiving even tiny joys and surprises from life, do not get tired of thanking fate. For such people, going out into nature with friends is already happiness. What to say about an unexpected gift or an increase in salary! They accept a good attitude and any services with great gratitude and may even consider that they receive all this not quite deservedly. That is their psychology.

But there are those among us who are sure that life owes them the maximum. If we are a car, then the most expensive brand. The apartment is only in the city center, things from the best designers, holidays in the most expensive hotels in the world, travel to exotic countries.

Despite the big differences in the psychology of behavior and characters, both groups of people have dreams and desires that relate to their personal lives, living conditions, earnings, prospects and, of course, ordinary human happiness.

So the technology and methods of achieving the desired will be useful to everyone.

Psychologist’s advice: change the attitude to failure

Of course, we should always hope for the best. At the same time, psychologists advise to work out various options in your mind and still set yourself up for a possible failure. When planning something important, try to look into the future and convince yourself that even with a bad outcome, nothing terrible will happen. We did not have time to book a room at the hotel that friends advised you, nothing fatal. Perhaps you will find a much better and cheaper place. In addition, there will be something to brag to friends: they haven’t been there yet.

Didn’t get hired the first time? This is even for the better: extra experience will not hurt anyone. Relationships with loved ones leave much to be desired: or maybe this is just an excuse to rethink your life. Not enough money for housing in the center? Living in a house on the outskirts is more romantic and practical: fresh air, the absence of annoying neighbors and the constant hum of cars.

By getting rid of the fear of losing, you will calm down and achieve what you want faster. Human psychology is designed in such a way that he cannot work and think productively, being in a state of stress and anxiety.

Small steps lead to the goal and save health

Small steps lead to the goal and save health

To deny yourself everything for the benefit of a single dream is not advisable. For example, you decide to buy a car, and in order to collect the required amount, you deprive yourself of all the joys of life. A cup of coffee in a cafe, dinner in a restaurant, a new thing for the new season you consider a luxury that you have no right to afford. Such restrictions can kill any motivation. After a few years, the inspiration will melt away, and it will seem to you that the goal is unattainable and not justified.

Small weaknesses and desires must be satisfied. Measure the big “wants” with your abilities. Soberly assess the situation. And let the realization of a dream be a little postponed for the benefit of petty whims, but every day will become much brighter and happier. In addition, the constant rejection of what you want can ruin not only your mood, but also relationships with loved ones.

Human psychology: we evaluate our strengths

Learn to define values ​​and evaluate your strengths and capabilities. Make a plan to achieve your goal. If you like a guy, find out what skills and abilities you lack in order to win his attention.

Dreaming of a car? Decide on the brand and price, and then figure out how much money you need to save in a piggy bank each month to raise the desired amount.

Dreaming of a career? Maybe you don’t have enough knowledge to achieve what you want? Sign up for a course or become more diligent. It is possible that you just lack assertiveness.

Having drawn up a plan and put everything on the shelves, another picture will immediately appear before your eyes, and it will become clear that everything planned can be implemented. This is how human psychology works.

The main thing is not just to set a goal, but also to determine the timing of its implementation. Psychologists are sure that it is this approach that will help change the psychology of behavior, learn to control the situation, and also respond normally to force majeure.

Psychology of a successful person: down with perfectionism

Psychology of a successful person: down with perfectionism

The injustice of life sometimes makes you think, and maybe even change your attitude to some things. Probably, each of us has repeatedly faced injustice. Let’s take, for example, a common situation when, for some unknown reason, poor students often have more luck in life than excellent students?

The fact is that the psychology of an excellent student can play a bad joke on a person. He has been accustomed to strictly follow books since school, and such a habit blocks brain activity.

The life algorithm is not described in any textbook. Despite this, an excellent student, getting into an unpleasant situation, immediately tries to find the answer in the books she read. But a person who is used to relying only on himself and trusting his intuition, listens to the knowledge gained from books, but looks for a way out of the situation on his own.

In memory, you need to store the most necessary, what you have to face again and again. Learn to think creatively and take a non-standard approach to simple and familiar things.

No need to go with the flow and be like the majority. Not without reason, successful people urge to think about the best, while everyone else complains about life, and act when everyone around is relaxing. The psychology of a person who always sees the positive in everything is explained by the old proverb: «Perseverance and work will grind everything.»

We each have our own recipe for happiness and success. Someone needs praise and approval, others begin to act, having received a kick from life. And there are those for whom the best incentive is the rivals.

The main thing is to find the lever of influence on yourself. Do not be lazy, but do not overwork your body, causing damage to health. Please yourself as often as possible and do not lose the source of inspiration.


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