How to adopt a child

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How to adopt a child

Adoption is one form of family arrangement. In this case, the adopted child is assigned the status of blood. No guardianship benefits, no benefits.

Adopting a child is an important milestone in life. Experts advise to first take a training course at the “school of foster parents”. As a result of working with psychologists, teachers, you will be able to make a final decision on adoption. Remember: the rejection of a child adopted into the family will turn out to be a tragedy for him and for you.

But now the decision is made, and you step by step go to the intended goal.

  1. In the municipal body of guardianship and guardianship, you must write an application about the desire to adopt a child and receive a package of documents necessary for issuing a conclusion on the possibility of being an adoptive parent. Responsible specialists are obliged to check the living conditions of future adoptive parents and draw up an act. After receiving the documents within 15 days, a conclusion is issued and the candidate is registered.
  2. There you also get a list of children who can be adopted. Specialists of the guardianship and guardianship authority are required to provide detailed information about your unborn child, issue a referral for visiting him at the location, as well as information about relatives.
  3. You need to get to know the child personally, to establish a trusting relationship.
  4. You have the right, with the participation of a representative of the children’s institution in which the child is located, to independently examine the child in a medical institution.
  5. In writing, you confirm that you have read the documents on the child’s health status.
  6. If desired, you can select a child from the data bank in the authorities of the subject of the Russian Federation. It is necessary to send an application about the desire to adopt a child and a conclusion issued by the guardianship and guardianship authorities.
  7. When all the documents are ready and the child is selected, you submit an application to the court. At the request of the candidate for adoptive parents, the court makes a decision on adoption. If it is important to keep the secret of adoption, then the court considers the issue of changing the date of birth, the name and surname of the child, or registering the adoptive parents as parents in the registry office. A specialist of the guardianship and guardianship authorities, a prosecutor take part in the judicial review. If the candidate is married, the consent of the spouse is required.

Having a court decision in hand, the adoptive parent must pick up the child at the place of his location in person within the prescribed period. Obtain adoption documents from the civil registry offices.

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