How to arouse a girl’s interest

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How to arouse a girl’s interest

You are no longer a boy chasing a soccer ball in the yard, you are not stupid, attractive, but still the girls are in no hurry to get to know you and do not pay any attention.
How to arouse a girl's interest


Stand out from the crowd. If you are not familiar, you just need to distinguish yourself so that she notices you. You can sit and smile broadly at her in a cafe, this is sure to arouse interest in your person. You can just give her a flower on the street, this will also not leave her indifferent.
Be the best. If you work together or walk in the same company (that is, you know each other), but while she is not looking at you, then you need to prove yourself as the best, for example, an employee, athlete, barbecue specialist or beach volleyball player. Then you will definitely be always in the center of her attention.
Watch yourself. Men who dress with taste and regularly visit the hairdresser are sure to attract the attention of girls. I want to approach this guy. Shiny shoes and a neat manicure mean nothing less than a charming look for a girl.
Do something extraordinary. Regardless of whether you know each other or not, an unusual act always attracts attention. You can wish her a happy birthday on local television, or put her name out in candy in front of her house. Dot the entire porch with flowers or launch heart-shaped balloons under her window.
Be interesting. Of course, only an interesting guy can interest a girl. Therefore, read books, travel, find yourself a hobby, that is, become a person who always has his own point of view and who is interesting to talk to. In this case, it will not be difficult for you to arouse interest from the fair sex.

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