How to arrange a date

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How to arrange a date

Often, ordinary dates are very annoying. I want something unusual and non-standard, and not just a walk in the park, going to the cinema or a cafe. Here are some date ideas that you and your significant other will remember throughout your long and happy life.
How to arrange a date


You can organize a picnic in the park or on the beach at night. Take a thermos with cocoa, tea or coffee, various goodies, a warm blanket and light candles. All this will be insanely romantic. Also turn on some nice, romantic and gentle music on your phone and enjoy each other’s company. And then you can meet the dawn in the same romantic setting.
Order for yourself date Balloon. Only first you need, of course, to find out if any of you are afraid of heights. During the flight, drink a glass of champagne, give your soulmate some romantic gift.
Now there are many companies that will provide you with a photograph of a star in the sky, its location and make you a certificate that confirms that this star is now named after your loved one. It doesn’t cost that much. During a romantic walk under the night sky, give your soulmate such a pleasant surprise.
It will be very touching and unforgettable if you watch some old romantic movie at home. Just not on a computer or on a TV. Take an old movie projector and use it to show a movie on a hung white sheet.
If it’s raining outside and you have nothing to do in the evening, ride the bus or subway until late. You can kiss, chat or just enjoy each other.
Buy tickets in advance for the performance of your favorite performer of your soulmate and do not tell her anything about it in advance. Your loved one will be just in seventh heaven with happiness from such a wonderful gift. It is especially great if your love will be at the concert of this artist for the first time.
Look for beautiful places in the city and take pictures of them together. It will be even better if you take pictures of the city at night. In already familiar places, you can see something unusual and mysterious. All this will be fun, interesting and unforgettable. And then print the photos and create an album for them. You will then revise it and remember those happy moments.

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