How to arrange an inexpensive romantic date

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How to arrange an inexpensive romantic date

The pleasure of dates and relationships is directly related to spending time together with your loved one. The connection between people grows from shared memories of time spent together and experiences. Of course, you really want to take your passion to Paris for one day for shopping, drinking champagne and eating chocolate, but financial situation plays a significant role in what kind of date you can arrange. However, if you’re creative, you can easily set up a date that’s sure to be memorable.
How to arrange an inexpensive romantic date

1. Beach. Inexpensive romantic dates are like real estate: it all depends on the location. The beach is characterized by its natural setting, sun and waves. Go to the store and buy a bottle of wine or champagne. Also buy a small package of strawberries, blueberries, apples and a small set of assorted cheeses. Add a baguette to the set and — voila, you have a picnic on the beach ready. Grab a blanket, put some food in your portable fridge along with a few packs of ice, and take your loved one to the seaside. You can sit and relax on the beach, or spend time more actively and even swim. If you want to add more romance, go to the beach during sunset.

2. City concert. In many cities and towns, outdoor concerts are held periodically in the spring or summer. As a rule, admission to such a concert is free or relatively inexpensive. Go to your local store or diner and grab a couple of sandwiches. Add a couple of side dishes to them, such as red potato salad or potato dumplings with pesto sauce. Also grab a couple of beautifully decorated cupcakes and a few bottles of lemonade and you’ve got yourself a picnic that you can have at the concert. Spread a blanket, take off your shoes and enjoy the music that fills the evening air.

3. Dinner with fast food. There’s something surprisingly sweet about the combination of fine dining and fast food. Set the table with the finest china. Put out water glasses, other accessories, and the best appliances you only use on special occasions. Buy your favorite fast food dish and serve it on fine china. The idea of ​​serving a hamburger on expensive dishes carries a romantic mood. Don’t forget to light candles and turn on music to enhance the romantic effect.

4. Cooking dinner on the fire. This option is well suited if you want to look at the stars while having a delicious dinner. Go to a forest or park where there is a fire pit and you can build a fire. Buy foil, meat and vegetables that you prefer. Wrap food in foil. Light a small fire. Put the foil-wrapped food into the coals and cook for as long as the recipe calls for. Take a telescope with you and look at the stars while dinner is being prepared. When the food is ready, enjoy your dinner.

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