How to ask for forgiveness from a guy in verse

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How to ask for forgiveness from a guy in verse

Everyone has to ask from time to time forgiveness with dear and close people. Sometimes you want to do it somehow in an original way, in order to surely touch the soul of a person. Apologies to poetry — it’s unusual and beautiful.
How to ask for forgiveness from a guy in verse


First of all, think again to whom you are going to write an apology in verse. Are you sure that the young man will really appreciate your work? Does he appreciate the poetry as such, or does he shudder at the mere mention of it? If the attitude to poetry guy negative, he is unlikely to be happy with your apology.
If you are determined to apologize in verse, then it’s time to choose a way to write. The easiest is to order the text. There are people who write poetry to order. They can be easily found on the Internet. The next option is to remake some famous text or one that your boyfriend likes. In this case, you will have a standard and a template in one vial. And the most difficult option is to write the text from scratch. It is advisable to soberly assess your poetic abilities and decide what you really have enough for. After all, apologies should turn out beautiful and evoke positive emotions. You can try first the third and second methods, and if suddenly nothing happens, then turn to a specialist for help.
If you decide to write on your own, then you should remember a few rules. Firstly, the text should be specific, with an appeal, so that it is clear from it what you are asking for forgiveness for.
The text should not be long or short. Optimally 8-12 lines.
Follow the rhythm. Especially if you chose the option of reworking the famous text. In this case, the rhythm must match completely. If you write yourself, then you have room to choose the rhythm, but it still needs to be more or less even. If you’re not sure if you’ll hear rhythm breaks by ear, you can count the number of syllables in the lines and the distribution of stressed and unstressed syllables. A certain system must be traced, some kind of constantly repeating unit.
Rhyme is equally important, unless, of course, you decide to write blank verse. In this case, rhythm will be much more important to you than in the case of rhymed verse. The fact is that rhyme creates an additional sense of rhythm due to consonances, emphasis on the ends of lines. Try not to use banal rhymes (blood-love-again, roses-tears-frosts, always-never, you-me-myself, etc.). Especially beware of rhyming pronouns and cognates. And try to do without grammatical rhymes (this is when words rhyme in the same grammatical forms). Especially often verbal rhymes are used: kill, love, heal, drill … You can continue endlessly, because in the same form the verbs have the same endings and they all rhyme. In general, the use of any of the listed rhymes (except for single-root ones) is not a crime, but they make the text less interesting.
The text should have a spectacular bright ending, it is best to place an apology directly at the end.
Useful advice
Before sending or reading poems to the addressee, let one of your friends read them so that they evaluate the text from the outside. Maybe something needs to be redone.

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