How to ask for forgiveness from a guy via SMS

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How to ask for forgiveness from a guy via SMS

Girls dating guys for a long time, sometimes do not appreciate the relationship. They are constantly annoyed by something, they want new sensations and experiences. Scandals begin, dissatisfied statements concerning any trifles. As a result, the couple quarrel. But sooner or later the question arises: how to ask forgiveness. And the first thing that comes to mind is sms.
How to ask for forgiveness from a guy via SMS


Don’t become intrusive and boring. Do not call or write in the first minutes of a quarrel. Don’t make things worse. This will not lead to success. If the guy himself has already made a decision, then a large number of arguments or people convincing him only spoil the matter. The guy will begin to doubt internally and may even abandon the original decision. Extend your “silence” for two or three weeks. This is necessary so that everything calms down, and both of you stop feeling nervous about the quarrel. The less you touch your partner, the sooner your romance and the negative feelings associated with it will become the past for him.
Do not waste words and do not invent sentimental stories. In SMS, you should not write whole memoirs and swear love. And in general — stop convincing the guy that you are not to blame, otherwise he will really think about your serious guilt. Understand, he, most likely, has already come to the understanding that the quarrel is insignificant and it is worth reconciling.
In SMS, you need to clearly articulate your attitude to the existing problem. No reproaches or complaints. Tell me about your pain and suffering. Explain that you are sorry for the pain you caused him. Do not take sharply his reaction to such an act. If he is not a tormentor by nature, then he should take pity. Understand that if he really does not want to restore the relationship, then no action will help. And if he wants to, he will take the initiative and call.
Control your emotions. Do not speak sharply in SMS, do not offend the guy. Try to look at the situation through the eyes of your loved one. In no case do not write ironic and negative words. They must be selected carefully, otherwise you will not wait for any forgiveness. Do not try to write what he needs to change in himself, in character. It’s good to change yourself. The guy himself will simply admire how well you understand him. As a result, you will reconcile.

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