How to ask for hands and hearts

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How to ask for hands and hearts

After time, romantic relationships cease to satisfy both the man and the woman. Both are increasingly thinking about married life, building their own hearth, a long life together. If you feel that the moment has come when it is time to decide on the wedding, propose to your beloved. If you don’t know how to ask in an original way arms and hearts girls, make a proposal in the traditions of a particular people.
How to ask for hands and hearts


Ordinary confession. A man invites a lady on a date in an intimate setting. At the height of the evening, when the girl is completely relaxed after a few compliments and delicious dishes, the man kneels in front of her, holds out the box with the ring to the girl and asks her to become his wife.
Indian tradition. Lovers agree on a life together without asking their parents. The woman goes to her husband. In some cases, in addition to the conspiracy of the newlyweds, there was a rite of redemption of the bride: the groom paid money or property to her parents.
Karelian tradition. Girls and boys gathered for gatherings for three days. Each guy was asked which girl he wants to get to know better. She was brought to him, the whole evening they talked only to each other. Sometimes the conversation turned into decisions about marriage: in the morning the girl packed her things and went to her husband. These «secret marriages» helped to avoid the cost of feasts and lavish festivities. In other cases, they agreed only on the time of the wedding, after which the girl left a ring or a shawl as a pledge.
European tradition. The young couple could never, under any circumstances, be left alone. Someone else had to be present: parents, relatives, servants. Therefore, the confession of the young man and the answer of the girl were heard by everyone who was nearby. If the girl agreed, then no one else could propose to her, otherwise he would have been refused.


The girl has the right to give one of three answers: «yes», «no», «I’ll think about it.» In the third case, give her time and do not rush into a decision. Most likely, she will say her decision very quickly. Rejection is not a reason for aggression, anger or breakup. You can look after the girl further, and after a while try again.

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