How to attract a guy at school

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How to attract a guy at school

It often happens that the object of your sympathy is not something that does not reciprocate, but does not even pay attention to you. You see him every day, look at him long and drawn out, but for him you seem to be absent. It seems that nothing can be done about it, the mood drops, there is less and less self-confidence. And if you are even a couple of classes younger, it is almost impossible to believe in the possibility of attracting this guy at school. However, do not despair.
The highest percentage of first loves falls on school age.


Wear to school what makes you most attractive. At the same time, you don’t need to overdo it with cosmetics — you are not at the age when you need to especially embellish your face, it still looks great anyway.

In general, always be careful.

If you are not yet familiar with the object of your sympathy — get acquainted. The easiest way to do this is through mutual friends. If there are none, try to make acquaintances based on common interests. Even if you don’t really like the music he listens to, it won’t be a crime to pretend for a while that you are also crazy about it.
But do not expect that the first acquaintance will quickly lead to a serious relationship. Its goal is to make you not strangers, to open new ways for you to know each other.
When communicating with him, and with everyone around him in general, be confident in yourself. Remember that you are irresistible. As practice shows, people who themselves believe in their attractiveness look the most attractive.
In those moments when you get the opportunity to chat with this guy, show a sincere interest in him and his hobbies in a conversation. Everyone loves to feel their importance for others, so give him this opportunity.
Smile. When you say something to him, when you listen to him, when he says something funny, when he just happens to catch your eye from afar.
Don’t be overly intrusive. The guy needs to get used to you. Someone does it faster, someone longer, no need to rush things.
Try not to look too provocative and seductive. Yes, maybe ultra-short skirts and ambiguous hints are a very effective method, but do you need a guy who only sees you as a sexual object, but does not see a girl at all? Yes, and this behavior is not very suitable for a young lady. Be charming and sweet.

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