How to attract a man

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How to attract a man

There is an old legend that people used to have 4 arms, 4 legs and 2 heads. However, the gods were offended by them and split the bodies into two halves. And now these halves are looking for each other all over the world. Every girl dreams of finding a man whom she could call her half. Feng Shui can help you with this.
How to attract a man
You will need
  • Pink paper, a picture of peonies, paired figurines or figurines.


First you need to decide what kind of man you want to attract. To do this, make a list of qualities that your chosen one should have. Take your time, take it seriously. Next, you need to describe those qualities that you agree to put up with. The data obtained must be rewritten on a piece of pink or red paper (according to Feng Shui, this color is responsible for love). Then fold the sheet and hide it in the far right corner from the front door.
Then you should prepare for the arrival of a man in your house. Buy men’s slippers, a new toothbrush, a second pillow. From the bedroom, remove all items that would say that you live alone. You should take all the photos in which you are alone. If possible, arrange pairs of opposite-sex figures throughout the room. Mandarin ducks, pigeons, butterflies are well suited. Be sure to place an image of peonies above the entrance to the bedroom. They are considered a very strong love talisman.
Of great importance in Feng Shui is the location of the bed. It should be comfortable, preferably double. It is better to approach the bed from any direction. There should be no sharp corners near the bed. It should be visible from the front door. It is advisable to put some beautiful object in front of the bed so that it pleases the eye in the morning.


The apartment must be kept in perfect cleanliness. If you want to start a new life or attract a man, then be sure to clean all the corners, clean the shelves and in the closet, disassemble the mezzanines and throw away old things.

Useful advice

Houseplants in the bedroom should not be. In extreme cases, you can decorate the room with flowers in a vase for a while.

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