How to avoid conflict with parents

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How to avoid conflict with parents

It often happens that with the closest people we have a situation of seemingly complete misunderstanding. All this leads to quarrels, conflicts, stress, significantly complicates communication and life in general. The age-old problem of fathers and children is actually not so insoluble, if you approach it with a certain degree of rationality and calmness.
How to avoid conflict with parents


If a family scandal is brewing, first exhale, calm down and clear your mind as much as possible of a possible desire to aggressively respond to your parents’ attacks. This will help you focus on the real problem, and not on the emotions that this problem caused.
Listen patiently to all claims against you. You should not interrupt and start proving your truth, and even more so do it in a raised voice. Control yourself, think over every word. Imagine that you are at work or at a university, and your task is to resolve the conflict in your favor as competently as possible and with the least losses.
Objectively assess the essence of the conflict. Where you were wrong, where your parents may have been wrong. Do not be afraid to admit your mistakes, because with loved ones there is no place for pride.
Speak calmly and make it clear that you care about how your relationship with your parents will be built, how important this is to you, and you want peace. Be honest with yourself and your family.
In no case do not withdraw into yourself and do not be offended. Resentment tends to settle in a person’s soul and grow like a tropical plant. Be open, contact, your parents will feel your positive attitude, and you will see how their boiling point gradually decreases.
The best way to understand another person is to put yourself in their place. Imagine what thoughts your parents may have about the conflict situation, how they see it, perhaps they do not know something or have incorrect information.
Take into account the emotional state of your loved ones. If they came tired from work, they had a bad day, take pity on them, don’t be selfish.
In case you cannot agree in any way, do not prove your truth with foam at the mouth. Remember that in any case, you and your parents need to find a compromise. This is an important word that indicates your ability to make adult actions and decisions.
As a rule, such a balanced approach to conflicts ends with an important family conversation, and many causes of misunderstanding are clarified. Discuss them together and be sure to draw conclusions for yourself for the future. And remember: it is with peace in the family that peace begins throughout the world. Be frugal.

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