How to avoid mistakes

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How to avoid mistakes

No wonder they say that smart people learn from their mistakes, and wise people learn from strangers. Each of us at least once thought about how to avoid mistakes. But, if you think about it, the methods that allow you not to make mistakes are not so complicated. In order to learn how to avoid mistakes, you need to do a number of actions.
Learn to Avoid Mistakes


Review your past mistakes. Surely there are areas where you are so little mistaken. And there are problems that recur, and you step on the same rake again and again. It is these areas that need to be studied in more detail in order to reduce the likelihood of errors in the future.
Study the behavior of other people in situations in which you most often make mistakes. Analyze situations thoroughly: what leads to success, what leads to failure. Psychologists know that, for example, many movie and show business stars in childhood loved to read celebrity biographies. And then, when they grew up, they were able to bring some of the successful behavioral strategies of their idols to life. They were also able to avoid common mistakes on the way to fame and thus achieved popularity. Some psychotherapy methods involve copying other people’s successful behavioral strategies. But you can, without the help of a psychologist, develop the ability to notice ways to avoid mistakes, and then apply them in your life. Watch people, watch films on issues close to you, read books, analyze and “wind your mouth”.
When making decisions, learn to trust yourself more than others. Often the fussiness that leads to erroneous actions is generated by the illusion that everyone cares about us. Suspicious people think society is only there to judge them for potentially misbehaving. They begin to please everyone and everyone, and then they end up with nothing. A simple exercise from behavioral psychology helps here: entering the hall, office, metro and other public places, each time count how many people from among those present are looking at you. After a few calculations, you will see that there are almost none. Sometimes, for a hundred people in a subway car, there can be one or two who glimpse you with a lazy look and immediately forget about you. By practicing on strangers, you will be able to more easily evaluate the potential condemnation of a closer circle of acquaintances — friends, colleagues or relatives. And you’ll be surprised how small it is. And this is a big step towards more confident and relaxed behavior, which will help you avoid a lot of mistakes.

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