How to be a bitch and love yourself

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How to be a bitch and love yourself

To be bitch and loving yourself is not so bad, and sometimes it is simply necessary. It’s not at all about the fact that you need to do nasty things and not notice anyone around, not to take into account the interests of others, but that you need to be confident in yourself in any situation and not allow yourself to “wipe your feet”. It is the bitches who are successful in everything women.
To be a bitch is to respect yourself.

You will need

  • — purposefulness;
  • — patience;
  • — Believe in yourself.


Get rid of complexes. You are who you are and, as a rule, nothing can be done about it. Any shortcomings in appearance should be treated calmly. Look at the cheerful and cheerful people around. Are they model looking? Ksenia Sobchak, who has a reputation as a bitch and a fatal beauty, publicly ridicules her shortcomings, which causes only admiration.
Work on your character. When a woman ceases to see the flaws in her appearance, she discovers many flaws in her character. It is the bad character traits that are the cause of bad luck in personal life, conflict relationships with relatives and friends. Think about what qualities a woman should have that everyone will respect, including you. Take a sheet of paper and write down all these qualities, and then mark with a “+” sign those of them that are inherent in your character. The rest will have to be worked on.
All for your beloved. If you sit back and wait for the gifts of fate, this can last forever. You can please yourself on your own, without outside help. Make it a rule: make yourself a pleasant surprise every day. It is a surprise, do not think it over in advance, you need spontaneity. For example: as usual, you went to the grocery store, and on the way go to the cosmetics store and buy something there. Even a piece of beautiful soap instantly cheer up. Please yourself — it does not mean buying something every day. You can watch a movie that everyone “does not reach”, cook “delicious” according to a new recipe, call a friend whom “have not seen for a hundred years” and meet her after work.
Please note that loving yourself and being a bitch does not mean being bad. A real bitch is fair, helps those in need, takes care of loved ones. If someone is suffering from the actions of a bitch, then he deserves it.
Useful advice
When working on yourself, do not expect results. You need to enjoy the process of changing your lifestyle and attitude towards yourself. Everything will come by itself: self-confidence and success.

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