How to be a good father

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How to be a good father

The role of the father in the family can hardly be overestimated. The father in the family is not only the breadwinner and earner, he is also a role model and a model for the future role model, for sons — the model they will strive for, and for daughters — the one they will look for. And the future of children is in the responsibility of the father, the father, as the central figure in the family, has that influence on the development of the child, on which it depends whether his children will be happy or not.
How to be a good father
You will need
  • — patience
  • — free time
  • — some acting
  • — good sense of humour


Live in your child’s world. Remember: there are far fewer things in his world than there are in yours, but this does not mean that his world should be treated with disdain. His values ​​should become your values ​​for the time you are with him.
Understand the logic and way of thinking of your child. Really understand, don’t pretend to understand. Strive for this, do not leave a single question unanswered because you do not understand why and why he speaks and asks.
Treat your child with respect. The fact that he knows less than you does not mean that he is more stupid or does not understand, because he is stupid. He doesn’t understand because you don’t explain to him! Try to express yourself in his words and values, and be patient: the process can be long.
Teach your child to respect honesty. And use it, make sure that he will respect you for being honest with him and communicating with him on an equal footing. Real education is carried out not from the position of a commander, but from the position of an equal, worthy of respect.
Smile at your child more often. Regardless of the complexity of your life, the child is often unable to understand the fullness of your day, he may see you only three or four hours a day, and it is during this time that a smile should appear on your face as often as possible.
Earn your child’s trust. Discuss everything that interests him for a long time and in detail. Having gained trust, it will be much easier to control him — he will tell everything himself, he will not have to be interrogated and extorted.
Spend as much time as possible with your children. Where else do they learn about the world, if not from you? From your peers? From TV and the Internet? Try to be as close to them as possible while you are around.
Call them often just to ask how they are doing. They are pleased with your attention and your care, and they will be glad to just hear that you are interested in how and what happens to them.
Find something that interests him — hobbies, hobbies, blowing soap bubbles — it doesn’t matter. Do what he loves to do with him, as if it’s as much fun for you as it is for him.


Never quarrel with your other half and generally avoid conflict situations or scandals and harsh statements, as well as a loud voice in front of a child.

Useful advice

Support your child as often as possible. If something bad really happened, criticism should be constructive and very delicate. He must understand what exactly he did wrong, and not that you are angry with him.

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