How to be a kind girl

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How to be a kind girl

What is kindness? For one it’s a coin thrown into a tramp’s hat, for another it’s a kind word at a difficult moment, for a third it’s helping a grandmother crossing the road. Everyone puts their own meaning in the concept of “kindness”, depending on the upbringing and the environment in which they find themselves.
In the generally accepted sense, a kind girl is sympathetic, sensitive, always ready to help both relatives and strangers, loving animals and nature.
How to be a kind girl


If a desire to be kind arose, it means that you have reached that level of existence when the desire to live only for yourself is replaced by the need to help, to be useful and necessary, this speaks of your growing up as a person, of the desire for self-realization and perfection.
To paraphrase a well-known saying, “if you want to be kind, be kind!”, that is, follow the call of your heart and do not be shy about anyone!
You see an old woman — help carry the bag, a kitten meows plaintively on the street — stroke it, a baby in a trolley bus is crying — give me candy, someone sneezed — wish them health, someone needs help — give!
It’s easy to be kind! No need to force yourself, just allow yourself to do what your heart tells you and people will appreciate it!
At first, it will seem that everyone is looking at you and saying: “It’s getting out! He’s making himself into a saint!» But then you will notice that people have become nicer, the days are sunnier, and emotions are brighter!!!
The world loves kind people and kindness returns tenfold! Dare!

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