How to be good parents

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How to be good parents

The desire to be a good parent is commendable. But you don’t have to try to be the perfect parent. Such parents simply do not exist. We are all unique and have different approaches to parenting. But there are some important points that will help you become really good parents. Here you have to work hard on yourself.
There are no perfect parents, just like there are no perfect children.


First, accept your children fully, with all the good and bad. Even the smallest child already has some kind of his own system of views, he has his own interests and opinions. And in order to understand them, you need to learn to listen and hear your children. Treat your baby as a person, and many questions will disappear by themselves.
Secondly, support the interests of children. Try to get into their «skin». If the child disagrees with you about something, think about why he thinks so, and whether it really matters to him.
Thirdly, be the support and reliable protection of your children. It is not easy for a child to master this huge new world for him, which is far from always friendly to him. In you, he should find a quiet cozy corner where you can always come and feel safe. If you shine with calmness and confidence, the child will find in you the necessary safe haven.
Fourth, give your baby freedom of action. Unhappy is the child whom mom and dad are very protective of, and the child who is left to himself and is deprived of support. To learn some safety rules, the child himself must make some mistakes. To comprehend the law of gravity, he needs to fall. Of course, this does not mean that a child should be allowed to touch bare wires. It’s about rational freedom. Skillfully guide your child, but do not break him.
And finally, do not reproach yourself for past mistakes. If you have raised your child incorrectly up to this point, that time has passed. Now the main thing is not to deviate from your goal of becoming a good parent. Let education bring you joy, not disappointment.

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