How to be happy in marriage

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How to be happy in marriage

Statistics, as you know, knows everything. And according to her, today almost half of marriages break up in the first decade after the wedding. So the question is how to be happy in marriage, and, therefore, to save it, is of interest to those who have just begun their family life or are preparing for it. Sociologists and psychologists analyzed the family structure of those couples who managed to live together and keep their feelings, and offered their recommendations for family happiness, with which we will share with you.
How to be happy in marriage


It turned out that the happiest families were those where the spouse is 5-6 years older, and the wife is a little smarter. At the same time, before the wedding, they lived in the same cultural and social environment. This recommendation can be taken into account, as it increases your chances of happiness in marriagebut you don’t have to follow it literally.
Each of their spouses should have a favorite business and their own hobbies and hobbies that they enjoy. Both partners should bring income to the family, but they should be interested in and be aware of each other’s affairs. At any moment they should be ready to support, discuss and give advice to one of them who needs it.
A husband and wife should have their own protected area in the house, a personal space where everyone can be alone. Of course, this does not mean that everyone needs an extra room, but plan a secluded corner in the house where you can be alone with yourself, take a break from communication, and even just read quietly. This is especially true for men, who sometimes have such solitude is simply physically necessary.
Do not set any rigid rules and senseless restrictions that are easy to break even without any malicious intent. The more freedom spouses give each other, the more trust they show. Free, trusting relationships in the family create a special atmosphere of reliability and comfort, make you want to return home as soon as possible, where you are so calm, and your soul is so comfortable.
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