How to be interesting to your husband

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How to be interesting to your husband

A very common life situation, when a beautiful butterfly, having married, turns into either a caterpillar or a cocoon. This can be avoided and remain interesting to her husband.
How to be interesting to your husband


If you have just got married, then it will be useful for you to read this for the future.

At the first stage, arm yourself with a pen and paper and clearly set yourself the tasks:

1. improve or change your appearance

2. improve and develop your inner world

3. change and improve communication with your husband.

Men love with their eyes, and therefore become again pleasing to his eye. Discard worn home clothes. Buy yourself a new set (or better, two at once).
Buy a gym membership. Even if it seems to you that you don’t have time for this at all, this is just an illusion. Skip your favorite TV show or get up an hour earlier. Reduce the time you spend cooking (prepare meals for 3 days at once — soup and a couple of main dishes, and side dishes cook quickly). Do not be afraid that your spouse will not like it, the habit is a matter of time. You just need to explain to him that you want to stay young and healthy, and for this you need exercise. Delegate some household chores to your husband. Let him take or pick up the child from school or from the section at least once a week. And even if the child gets upset out of habit or the spouse forgets something from the list of things necessary for classes in the circle, it’s okay. Over time, both the father and your baby will get used to the new daily routine, and you can buy everything you need for classes in advance and put it in a backpack.
Arriving at the fitness center, do not expect lightning-fast results. Just put aside in your head that this is now an integral part of your life, which will give you not only beauty, but also good health and joy. When in a couple of weeks you feel a surge of strength, and after a couple of months your clothes begin to dangle, you will smile at your reflection in the mirror, and the world will seem much brighter and more welcoming to you. But do not forget about proper nutrition.
Change your image. Get a different hairstyle. Let him now have «another woman» in front of him — not the one to which he is accustomed. And he will look at you in a new way. Visit a beautician, solarium.
On the topic of improving the inner world, you can talk a lot and for a long time, but the main idea is simple. Think of the hours spent watching television that waste your time and «melt» your brain, not as a pleasant vacation, but as hours and days you threw in the trash or as a bad habit. If you can’t quit right away, replace one series with reading a book. Let it be something easy at first. Most importantly, teach yourself to read. Then you will have something to talk about with your man. Go online, find out what new movies are out and what people are saying about them. Download, buy and watch one. Read reviews about it, criticism. And then invite your husband to watch together. And talk to your husband, discuss, show him you are a thinking being. You will enjoy it, you will be drawn in, because our brain loves everything new and trains just like muscles.
Well, the last thing on our list is improving the quality of your communication with your husband. All methods are good here. This is sex, and joint trips to nature or to the cinema, and romantic evenings by candlelight with his favorite dishes and your evening dress. The main thing is not to overdo it. You don’t have to try to do everything at once. And then be offended that the husband did not understand. Accustom him gradually to silk sheets, to starched napkins and candles once a week, to tickets bought for a concert (or to football, why not?), to offers to go to the skating rink or ski in the forest with the whole family. They say it takes forty days to form a habit. It’s not long. The main thing is not to retreat and not to give up.

Advice 2: How to become interesting to your husband

Being married for many years, it is quite difficult to remain interesting for your husband. However, if you choose the right tactics of behavior, you can not only arouse short-term interest in your other half, but also easily maintain this state for a long time.
How to be interesting to your husband

Daily routine work and household duties can turn a spectacular girl into an absolutely unattractive person. In order to avoid such a fate and be interesting to the spouse, first of all, it is important to realize that all internal and external changes carried out in the future on oneself must be done only for oneself, and not for someone else, even if it is a beloved husband.

If a woman cannot love herself, then you should not expect ardent passion and hot love from her husband.

Always be well groomed

Men love with their eyes, and this must always be remembered. It often happens that a woman, being married, after a while ceases to monitor her appearance. Moreover, when she leaves home, she puts on a marathon, and when she comes home, she takes off her makeup, puts on a shabby dressing gown and puts a whole set of runaways on her head. It is clear that such an appearance does not cause absolutely no emotions in a man.

The husband begins to treat his wife as a sexless creature with whom you can discuss pressing issues. However, for a full-fledged family life, an intimate life is essential, and at the same time it should be interesting and eventful. And for this you need to always remain desirable for your husband.

Every married woman should make it a habit to “beautify”, even if the coming day has to be spent at home. Coiffed hair, light makeup, beautiful clothes can arouse the spouse’s former interest in his wife.

Cook with love

It is important for every man to realize that they are waiting for him at home. And one of the best proofs of your care and love is a deliciously cooked dinner. There are a huge number of simple and delicious dishes. It is worth learning how to cook them and delight your loved one every evening with a variety of culinary creations. He will definitely notice the efforts of his wife and appreciate it.

Vacation with husband

For a married man, a spouse should not be associated with routine household chores, but with some pleasant life moments, for example, with vacations. Spending time together is a great opportunity to make relationships stronger and give each other a piece of your warmth.

When deciding how to spend time together, you need to take into account not only your own interests, but also the interests of your spouse. However, one should not put the desires of the second half above all, because a woman is interesting to a man when she has her own «I».

Joint vacations should be planned in advance. It should be varied and interesting. So, on one weekend you can go on a picnic together, on others you can invite your friends for a joint walk in the park or to the cinema.


The family way of life of a woman is hardly compatible with personal development. If you want to stay «competitive», you have to work on yourself.

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