How to be macho

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How to be macho

Not everyone managed to be born macho at once. But, if you really like the image of a strong and sexy man, then for the sake of making your dream come true, you can try and work on yourself. And given the fact that a large number of women like this image unambiguously, even more so. So let’s list what qualities a real macho should have, and by what signs he can be recognized.
Antonio Banderas - the standard of a true macho
Go to the gym. A real macho takes care of his body. Even if a macho man is not the standard of male beauty, he is always fit and in good physical shape.
Learn noble drinks and the science of drinking without getting drunk. Macho prefers strong drinks. The most stylish of these drinks is tequila with accompanying lemon and salt. They drink a lot of macho and do not get drunk, alcohol only adds courage to them. Practice in this direction — it will be very ugly if, at the end of a date, a macho lies down to rest his face in a salad.
Get brutal. If this quality is not present in your nature, train hard and regularly. A real macho simply has to be brutal. Example: a steak with blood is brutal, to persuade a stranger to have sex with just one word «let’s go!» — brutally, a motorcycle shining with all parts in the bedroom is brutal.
Treat women romantically. If you think that for a real macho a woman is only a tool for getting pleasure, then you are mistaken. Everything is just the opposite. A true macho romantic. He treats all women’s shortcomings condescendingly, and the very fact of the existence of women deeply touches and delights him. The macho treats his chosen one like a queen.


A real macho must be a sex symbol. You don’t have to be Hollywood handsome to do this. It is important that you exude such an irrepressible thirst for life and drive that will not leave any woman indifferent.

Useful advice

Watch the film directed by Rodriguez «Desperado». This is a cult film for any real macho. The protagonist of the film, performed by Antonio Banderas, is an ideal example of a true macho.

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