How to be the perfect man

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How to be the perfect man

An ideal man, a prince on a white horse — what lady does not dream of such happiness? Many do not believe in the existence of both ideal women and ideal men. But still, with great effort, you can approach the male ideal, thereby becoming several points higher among your male competitors in the eyes of women.
How to be the perfect man


According to the majority of sexually mature women, a real man tries not to tell one woman about another, and even more so does not compare them.
The ideal man has no bad habits. He does not smoke, does not drink (or at least does not get drunk), does not come home in the middle of the night and does not devote too much time to friends. We will not talk about any hygiene standards or bad habits, like biting your nails, at all.
In fashion, not only your chosen one should know a lot, but also you yourself. If not in fashion, then at least in style. Wear only things that really suit you and that don’t make you look too old-fashioned or like a teenager. Your things must be ironed, washed. The appearance continues the style line — be clean, keep your teeth, hair, and bristles clean.
In the eyes of women, the ideal man is also tall and broad-shouldered. That’s how it is in the genes. If growth is not given to you by nature, vertical striped clothes that make you visually taller, shoes with small heels, a straight posture and a confident walk come to the rescue. But the muscles can always pump up in the gym or swimming pool.
Signs of attention and compliments to the girl will make you a subject of pride and envy. Be genuinely interested in her, take care of her, do nice little things — whether it’s dinner after her long day at work or a bouquet of flowers for no reason.
And the last advice: the desire for perfection makes a man already perfect in the eyes of a woman. She subconsciously understands that if you are so confidently striving for something: to become a director of a company where you are still only a manager, or to buy a luxurious house, if you are currently renting a one-room apartment, then you will definitely attract her attention with your plans and decisive actions. .

Be optimistic! Women don’t like it when their protector turns into a «complaining bore.»

Tip 2: How to be the perfect neighbor

Living in an apartment building is impossible to imagine without communicating with neighbors. Even if you try not to meet them, sooner or later there will still be a reason to meet them. Formal or informal. And how you present yourself will depend on how your neighbors will treat you.
How to be the perfect neighbor


Think about what your present and future relationships with your neighbors may depend on. If you decide to communicate with them on an equal footing, take into account the following factors that affect the opinion of residents of apartment buildings about each other:

— prestige of housing —
— financial situation-
— social status —
— age-
— presence of children —
— the presence of pets.

Keep in mind that people with different worldviews and habits live in your house. That is why you will have to make some concessions when dealing with them. For example, if your neighbors have begun renovations, think about the fact that someday you will have to redecorate your apartment. A noisy holiday once or twice a year is also not a reason for quarrels and going to the police. However, do not forget about your principles. You have the right to reprimand a neighbor who smokes in the stairwell and scatters cigarette butts, and you can ask the tenants not to listen to music when your children are sleeping. However, you don’t have to replace parquet with soundproofing floors just because the newlyweds on the floor below had twins.
If you recently moved into an apartment building, get to know your neighbors in the stairwell first. Introduce yourself, tell us briefly about yourself. Take a closer look at the people with whom you will live side by side for a long time. Perhaps you will make friends with some of them, and you will only say hello to someone. Find out if there are any peculiarities in the organization of life in your house, whether there is, for example, a duty schedule, whether there are meetings of residents, who is the head of the entrance, etc.
Follow the basic house rules. Do not litter in the entrance, the elevator and in the surrounding area. Take muzzled dogs out into the yard, watch where your cats walk, etc. Arrange immediately for a place in the parking lot. Do not disturb the peace and quiet of your neighbors. So, in Moscow, any extraneous noise is prohibited from 23.00 to 7.00, repair work — from 19.00 to 9.00, as well as on weekends and holidays. You can find out exactly what hours and days you should not make noise at the administration of your city or at the police station. However, it is better to first agree on everything with the neighbors, while being guided by common sense.
Do not become a kind of “magic wand” for other tenants in any situation, lending them a “hundred to payday” or helping with the housework. After all, you also have your urgent business and expenses. But do not refuse to help them when you really can afford it.
In the event of conflict situations, talk to your neighbors in a calm tone and do not get personal. If they are guilty, do not immediately make claims, threatening the police and going to court. Find out what’s going on first. For example, if you are not satisfied with the noise at an odd hour, and the neighbors are celebrating the birth of their first child at this time, treat this with understanding. In other situations (pipe break, fire, short circuit), your help may also be required. If you yourself have become a troublemaker, do not make excuses and do not make counter accusations. Try to come up with a compromise solution, provided that this is possible.

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