How to beat an opponent

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How to beat an opponent

Not a single woman, even in a nightmare, wants to see that her man is cheating on her. However, sometimes such unpleasant events occur in life — a man can have a mistress, and you face a serious problem when you need to decide whether to leave your partner and start a new life, or try to eliminate rival and return the man to the family.
Not a single woman, even in a nightmare, wants to see that her man is cheating on her.


Remember the main thing — do not make scenes and tantrums for a man. It will only turn him against you. Whatever feelings overwhelm you, do not let them get out of your control.
To win rivalin the eyes of a man you need to become better than she is, which means that first of all think about what made a man look for a more interesting partner in you.
Think about what a man might be missing in your relationship. Maybe in the last period you did not give him enough affection, love and care, plunging into work or some personal affairs, or maybe the reasons are something else.
In any case, you need to recognize these reasons and start thinking of a clear strategy to improve your own image in the eyes of your husband. You must show him, not with words, but with actions, that the new partner is nothing compared to you.
Remember what a man loves the most, and subtly fulfill his desires, cook his favorite dishes, make surprises and respond to his needs.
Try to keep a man at home for as long as possible watching a movie or eating a delicious pie — being late for dates, he will feel guilty, and he may not want to leave his own house, which has become much more comfortable with your efforts.
Take a critical look at yourself — was your appearance the reason for the betrayal? Start grooming yourself, doing beautiful hair, wearing elegant dresses and jewelry that your husband gave you and that he loves to see on you. Increase self-esteem — love yourself, and a man will love you again.
In no case do not try to provoke a man to reciprocal jealousy. This will push him away from you. Be patient and calm, show your husband that you are the best and most beautiful woman that he has. Over time, he will understand that he does not want to lose you and start building a relationship with an unknown new woman.

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