How to become better and more interesting: self-development and self-improvement

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Do you want to become the best version of yourself? To develop new qualities in yourself? So it’s time to take care of yourself. We will tell you how to become better and more interesting.


A person always has something to improve in himself. It is possible to give up bad habits, develop willpower in yourself, learn self-discipline.

Everyone needs to exercise and eat right. If you haven’t already, now is the time. You will notice that not only the figure will tighten up, but also the mood, as well as well-being will become better.

Getting rid of laziness will also help to become better. It is worth thinking about how many useful and interesting things you could do if you were not lazy. Take up a hobby, read a book, meet a friend, spend more time with your child.

Try to form good habits. For example, doing exercises every morning, or keeping track of income and expenses, or walking before bed, or reading a new book every month, or devoting half an hour to a child every day.

Think about what shortcomings you would like to get rid of, and what you would like to acquire. And engage in the development of useful qualities and getting rid of shortcomings. Undoubtedly, this will make you more attractive and interesting to other people.

learn something new

learn something new

It is impossible to know absolutely everything, but you can always find something that will be interesting to learn. For example, knowledge of foreign languages, different cultures, and literature is always useful.

You can study something related to work. Deepen knowledge through courses, relevant literature or additional education. And you can do something other than work. For example, learn to dance the tango, or learn Indian cuisine, or master magic tricks, or improve financial literacy.

Now there are many opportunities to learn something new without leaving home. But, of course, you can go to offline courses or attend master classes.

The more a person knows, the more interesting he becomes for others. He always has something to share. Such people are always attractive to others.

You just have to find what interests you. Do it not for others, but for yourself. There are a lot of interesting things around us, you just have to look around.

Become a good conversationalist

This is very important if you want to become better and more interesting. First of all, you need to learn to listen to the interlocutor. If you talk all the time yourself, the dialogue will not work. It is unlikely that someone will want to just listen to other people’s thoughts without joining the conversation. Therefore, one must carefully listen and hear what the interlocutor says, sincerely be interested in his words.

Interesting people feel the rhythm of the conversation, are able to catch the non-verbal signals of the interlocutor, understand how other people react to their words.

The ability to engage in conversation is another useful skill. It is worth learning to tell interesting stories, anecdotes, news. People will always be drawn to such interlocutors. After all, it is easy and pleasant to communicate with them.

Do not forget about the ability to joke, as well as correctly respond to the humor of the interlocutor. All this is important to become a good conversationalist.


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