How to behave with a man in order to become the most important for him?

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Problems in communication and relationships with the opposite sex occur in all people — both men and women. The latter often rush to extremes, now overly fawning, then taking a defensive position, as if expecting an attack from the enemy. How to behave with a man in order to win him over, earn his respect, trust, and maybe love?

Be impregnable and inaccessible

Psychologists vying with each other say that a woman should be an unattainable peak for a man, to which he will strive all the time, but the most important thing here is “not to go too far.” Yes, there should be a secret and a mystery in a woman, but you should not be too “overcomplicated” in this matter. As one psychologist said: “You need to run away, but not too fast so that your loved one can catch up.” After all, such a game should be interesting, and if it is too far-fetched and brought to the point of absurdity, then the result will be just the opposite.

Don’t play Joan of Arc

Don't play Joan of Arc

Why do women build unsuccessful relationships with men? Because they want to take their man’s place. The militant Jeanne d’Arc led the French troops, and modern women «pull» their families on themselves, solve all everyday and vital issues, and then wonder where the real men disappeared, behind them like behind a «stone wall». The strength of a woman is in her weakness. Asking a man for help is normal, especially when you cannot do without male hands in this matter. It is important for a man to feel needed and necessary, otherwise he leaves, because here everything is fine without him.

Praise a man

It is believed that giving compliments is a purely male prerogative, but only women who regularly praise their men know what kind of result can be achieved with kind words. From praise and affectionate words, men melt like candles. In this state, they are literally ready for anything for the sake of their beloved, and it’s a sin not to take advantage of this.

understand it

The famous psychologist Satya Das says that “a woman does not need to be understood, she needs to be loved, and a man, on the contrary, does not need to be loved, but understanding is a must.” In fact, this is exactly what he expects from a woman, and he always hurries home from work if he knows that they are waiting for him there and understand. Does he have any hobbies — sports, fishing or hunting? It is necessary not to criticize and reproach, but to support and rejoice at successes. Spends a lot of time at work and little time with family? But this is how he provides for his wife and children, and this is the most important thing.

Be a reliable back

In fact, a man is ready to be a reliable and strong shoulder if he feels a reliable rear behind him. What behavior of women destroys relationships? If a woman is only concerned with herself, focused only on herself and ignores the needs and desires of others, then this repels a man, destroys relationships. And this is not only about obsession with their appearance and craving for entertainment. Women careerists also risk being left alone. A man must be confident in a woman, as in himself.

Try to make him happy

In fact, few of today’s young people think about the happiness of another. Rather, he seeks to get something out of this relationship for himself. But pulling the blanket will not lead to anything good. In a relationship, you must always be willing to sacrifice something for the sake of the other. The main thing is that it should be mutual, because the game with one goal will not last long either.


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