How to believe that he loves

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How to believe that he loves

You recently met a young man, and you have begun the prelude of a novel. But something confuses you all the time, causes mistrust. It’s just that you have been burned more than once and now you don’t fully trust either the words or the actions of men. But your man uttered those very cherished words that many girls are waiting for and cannot wait for. He confessed his love to you. And you continue to doubt the sincerity of his feelings. But you still have to believe the guy or finally make sure of his lies.
You will need
  • Observation, intuition, help from a friend, advice from loved ones.


First, look into his eyes. Love in the eyes of a man cannot be confused with anything. Anyone who has seen such eyes will agree. A loving look cannot be imitated, the eyes will never lie to you. But there are times when a guy likes you, but there is no great love, and this is also immediately visible in your eyes.
Notice how he reacts to other girls. There are such specimens whose eyes burn the same way for all the fair sex. They love everyone. And sincerely. Well then. You are not all, and you will not stand in a general queue.
Do not exclude from sight his generosity, courtesy, sincere concern for you. Be attentive to his words, gestures. If this is love, you will understand.
Often close people from the outside are better able to assess the situation than you yourself, being inside the relationship. Ask their opinion on this matter, if you do not trust yourself at all.
The next step is a heart-to-heart conversation between a close friend and your man. Ask her to have a heart to heart talk with him. Let her start a conversation about your relationship over a cup of coffee during a general party. Perhaps she will learn a lot of interesting things, pleasant or not so much.
You can refuse him intimate relationships. Look at his reaction. If a guy really loves you, he will understand and will wait as long as necessary.
Let him wait
Listen to your feelings. Why do you not trust this man, what reasons do you have for this. Perhaps you yourself do not love him, and therefore do not feel his love.
The senses


See how he behaves, how he cares for you. How standard are his phrases and actions, how learned they are. After all, a professional gigolo may be in front of you. Everything happens in life.

Useful advice

Do not give your man tough tests on the power of love. Even the most loving guy can be very offended and leave you.

Attention, only TODAY!

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