How to better understand a woman: advice for men

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Probably, only the lazy did not joke about female logic. The hero from the famous film «What do women want?» incredibly lucky — he received the superpower to read the thoughts of the fairer sex. Surely many men envied him, especially those who want to know how to better understand a woman and what do these fragile, defenseless and emotional «creatures» need in general?

A woman lives with emotions

A woman lives with emotions

How often can you hear men complain that they are trying, working, everything is in the house, everything is in the family, and their soulmate is always dissatisfied with something. Yes, a woman appreciates material wealth and comfort, but it is much more important for her to receive positive emotions. What does a woman expect from a man? She will not receive such joy from the salary brought, taking it for granted, as from flowers presented without a reason, some kind of surprise, and not necessarily expensive. No wonder they say that for a man who can make her laugh, a woman will go to the ends of the world. Make her laugh and you will get a lot of gratitude and smiles.

A woman loves with her ears

Unfortunately for the women themselves, but true. But what a sea of ​​​​opportunities opens up for men! Yes, a partner can be the most reliable, educated and rich, but if he is stingy with compliments and tongue-tied, he is unlikely to have a chance to win her heart. A woman blossoms when she hears pleasant words addressed to her. She can forget the brand of the car, not remember the exact place where you rested with friends, but she will remember the phrase in her ear near the fire: “You are the best” all her life.

The woman is illogical

No wonder they say, «listen to a woman and do the opposite.» There are no causal relationships at all. Or rather, they are, but understandable only to her. You can give weighty arguments for a long time, appeal to reason and shake facts in front of her, but she will still believe only her feelings and intuition. Only one remedy works here. You can ask a woman to trust you, to say that you know for sure and are 100% sure how to do it right. If she loves you and trusts you, she will agree.

A woman’s mood is constantly changing

A woman's mood is constantly changing

There is such an anecdote: “I came up with it myself, I was offended by myself.” Someone will say that this is not a joke, but a harsh reality, especially if he often comes under fire from the constantly changing mood of the woman he loves. Yes, girls tend to embellish everything, think out and invent, but there is also a reason for this. If a woman just laughed, and now she sits, frowning gloomily, then most likely there is a reason for this — a casually thrown phrase, an offensive word, the indifference of a partner. Do not hush up the situation and pretend that nothing happened. What does a woman want from a man? She wants a frank conversation, confirmation of love, so it’s better to talk with her beloved in order to know how to behave with her in the future.

Women need love

Psychologist Satya Das believes that «men do not need to be loved, they need to be understood», but about women he speaks in the opposite way and says that «they do not need to be understood, but you just need to love.» Probably no woman would like a man to «read her like an open book.» She would like to remain a mystery to him, a secret, but what she definitely would not want is to lose his love. Therefore, do not try to understand a woman — this is an impossible task. You just need to love her.


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