How to bring back old feelings

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How to bring back old feelings

Many couples notice that over the years the senses as if they are fading — only a few manage to carry love through their whole lives. These units have no secret, except that they are trying for the sake of preserving their feelings, while most let this process take its course. But even if it seems to you that love is starting to fade, bring back the past the senses can.
How to bring back old feelings


Ask yourself, are you still the person your spouse married, or have you lost a lot along the way? It is no secret that many people during the period of courtship try to show their best side: women dress beautifully, often smile, show care and understanding towards a man. And these same women, having changed their status, relax and become careless in relation to their appearance and their behavior. They can afford to walk around with their husband frivolous, and vent a bad mood on him. Men do the same. Such negligence is the first step towards the extinction of feelings. And if you want to return the old the sensesbecome the woman your husband married.
Talk more often. In the evenings, any city is flooded with couples in love, who slowly walk the streets and cannot talk enough. And all because talking is another sign of love. When people love each other, they tend to share with their other half everything that happens in their lives. When people stop talking, love goes away. Therefore, if you see that conversations in your couple are happening less and less, this is a wake-up call. Try to find time to talk with your husband, even if you are very busy.
Compliment your husband and say that you love him. Over time, these words begin to be spoken less and less, and in fact it is on them that love rests. Make it a habit to wake your spouse up every morning with a gentle smile and tell him how much you love him. It’s simple, but such an action will help save love for many years.
Love fades from boredom, so try to make your life interesting and varied. Give your spouse surprises, arrange joint trips to interesting places for both of you, think over your leisure time so as not to be bored.

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