How to bring back the passion

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How to bring back the passion

Passion. What does she mean to you, what role does she play in a relationship? Perhaps, after years of family relationships, you forgot about this feeling. Maybe this burning desire hid under the sofa on which your chosen one is watching football again? Or maybe it sleeps in a box with a scarlet ribbon, where you keep an immodest set of linen, donated on the first romantic night? Passion fell under the wheels of everyday life, but you can fix everything.
How to bring back the passion

You will need

  • — subscription to the gym;
  • — beautiful underwear
  • — cosmetics to enchant;
  • — The book «Kama Sutra» and fantasy.


Passion should not be feigned, in this case, falsehood is immediately visible. Do not attack your partner like a raging bull or a tigress in order to arouse interest in him and kindle the fire of love. You will face indifference. The feeling should arise immediately one for two, like an electric discharge from a touch, like a flash from a glance.
This feeling is corroded by life, everyday life and pressing problems. If you do not allow yourself to rest and relax, negative thoughts will not disappear from your head, as a result, you will close in on yourself (in problems) and wrap yourself in this funnel. So finally get some rest!
Children. This is happiness, of course. But love fun at the same time boils down to a rustle under the covers, and only at night, when everyone is sleeping. Ask grandparents to take their grandchildren for at least one day or evening on weekdays or weekends. And the kids will be happy with new experiences and care, and your feelings will jump out of the «straitjackets».
“Women love with their ears, and men with their eyes” — it has always been, is and will be. A dressing gown and a “tail” on the head instead of a hairstyle are not impressive, are they? Another thing is if this dressing gown is a peignoir of the color of a scarlet rose, the length of which hardly covers the buttocks, and on the head is a highly tied tail, shiny and decorated with a string of pearls. Handsomely? Your partner will not be able to lie on the couch after seeing you in this image.
Body and sport. A beautiful body requires investment, whatever one may say. This is a massage, and a gym, and a solarium with creams, and expensive perfume. If there is no such item in your household budget, then your daily routine should allocate an hour of free time for daily self-care. As for sports, physical activity increases libido and improves mood.
Sexual relations. A well-executed plan is appropriate anywhere but here. The same bed, poses, phrases, behavior — this is boredom. Passion galloping from such bedrooms. Diversify your life, attract bold fantasies, erotic lingerie, role-playing games to help. Spontaneity, change of place, all your feminine tricks that you used during the candy-bouquet period — everything is to your advantage. Try, experiment, enjoy yourself.
Crisis and stress. They are not expected, they enter without knocking, sometimes at the most inopportune moment. Here are the crises of married life, and dismissal at work, and the birth of a child, and depression. Step over these stages with your head held high, these are steps that bring not only extinction, but also development. After giving birth, a woman needs to come to her senses, a man takes on a new role and becomes a father. Passion at this time, she quietly “stands” on the sidelines, but a couple of sleepless months will pass, and she will again extend her hand to you.
Spend time alone and talk. Discover new facets in your partner, be surprised and surprise yourself. No need to stop, having ringed a loved one, you need to develop further. Become better and more appetizing over the years, like long-term cognac. Bloom, open up, seduce, drive you crazy.
How to bring back the passion
Passion is a strong, dizzying feeling, but self-control is more important here than ever if the feeling that has arisen does not apply to your partner. Passion and betrayal are two completely different «women», but they walk not far from each other.
Useful advice
Go meet your partner in new endeavors. If a burning desire seized him in the midst of a party with friends, retire to a spare room. Invisible means not ashamed.

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