How to build a relationship after a divorce: advice and recommendations from psychologists and experts

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After a divorce, the psychology of a woman changes. Especially when she has children — now she is more responsible for them. Women with low self-esteem after a breakup cannot get rid of loneliness. As a rule, there are no men in their environment with whom one could build a relationship. Therefore, they are ready for anything to create at least some kind of family.

There is a huge difference between a single and a free woman — the latter is not ready to serve a man and demands respect for herself. Single girls often choose men of a certain type — this is their main mistake. Therefore, their relationship psychology does not lead to anything good.

Psychology of «heroic» men

Psychology of

Male «heroes» perform «feats» of two types:

  • I took it with «luggage».
  • I will be with you, but I will not leave my wife.

The psychology of such «heroes» does not depend on the social status, material wealth, education. They are sure that they make women happy with their presence alone.

A single woman, unlike a free woman, does not see anything terrible in the phrase: «I took her with other people’s children.» She is not surprised by the very posing of the question: not a word about how a man appreciates a woman, how beautiful she is. The «heroes» who marry a woman with children are sure that she should be grateful to them for the rest of her life.

Such psychology angers free women. They are proud of their children and decide for themselves whether to let the chosen one into the family. Confident women after divorce avoid contact with men who believe that they are «picking up» a mother with children.

In alliances with the “hero”, the children feel unnecessary, because the mother is completely passionate about her new husband. Her relationship psychology is as follows: she catches his every word and does everything so that he does not refuse her.

Unfortunately, a single woman is almost always happy to communicate with a man to whom she «gives meaning to life.» Married «heroes» are ready to quote the classics in order to keep the attention of the young lady they like. They convince their passion that they would gladly build a family with her, but due to circumstances they cannot leave their wife. This is the classic psychology of a married man.

Psychology of relationships: better bad, but your own?

Psychology of relationships: better bad, but your own?

Single women choose men with a «difficult» fate who complain about life. They assert themselves at their expense, showing guardianship. So they can feel needed, in demand. But the reasons for depression in men are quite controversial.

Often they contact an unemployed man who is toiling from idleness. He is unlucky all the time: the director cannot see his potential, work is far from home, the boss is a woman, irregular working hours. There can be many reasons, but the result is one. The unfortunate gentleman sits at home and does not want to work. And a woman accepts such a psychology of relationships, believes in his excuses and works day and night to feed everyone.

Another type of men are geniuses who suffer from «non-recognition». Their psychology lies in the fact that they consider all people to be a gray mass, and a woman is used as an attendant. Free women will not even look at them, but single women are happy to court their «genius» — they firmly believe that no one needs them with children.

It is important to understand that «unfortunate heroes» will never bring anything good into a woman’s life. They will add problems and troubles, shifting all responsibility to their passion — such is their psychology. No need to accept the role of a free psychoanalyst — better spend this time with your children.

Psychology of a woman: why do they choose such men?

The reasons why women after parting are ready for any relationship are typical:

Lack of money. Not all women are able to adequately provide for themselves and children. And a man gives the illusion of reliability, even if he brings little money. It seems to a woman that he will support her at a difficult moment — this gives self-confidence.

mentality. From time immemorial, for some reason, it is believed that it is better to be with a bad husband than alone. The psychology of a woman is such that many are ready to endure humiliation, but have the status of a wife.

If you want to stop being lonely and dream of becoming a free woman, you need to avoid communicating with negligent men. You need to get rid of the stereotypes that poison your life.

Where to begin? Invest in yourself: beauty and harmony

Where to begin?  Invest in yourself: beauty and harmony

Before you jump into the pool with your head, decide for yourself if you are really ready for a new relationship? Ignore public opinion and listen to your inner voice. Start a relationship only when you are completely ready for it.

Think about what you want from a union with a man, what kind of relationship psychology is close to you? When you want male attention, you can not make high demands on your partner and enjoy courtship.

If you are ready for a serious relationship, you need to reconsider your principles and adjust your behavior.

Men are sure that the psychology of a woman after a divorce is as follows — they do everything to lasso a man and drag him to the registry office. Unfortunately, single women confirm this theory with their behavior.

Free women are prudent and careful in their choice. They will not build a relationship with an unworthy man.

Be easy in relationships. Do not «load» the gentleman with your problems, just enjoy communication. Flirt, smile — add some romance to your life. Men like this psychology of a woman.

Pay attention to your appearance. A woman simply has to look well-groomed and neat. Do not be lazy to do styling, makeup, manicure and pedicure — this is the basis of the image. Wear stylish and bright things, do not be afraid of bold ensembles. Beauty attracts men and increases your self-esteem.

There is an important rule that every divorced woman should remember. Children are a pride, not a burden. If you position children as happiness, the gentleman will accept your position on a subconscious level. When the chosen one shows a sharp negative towards them, it is worth considering whether he is ready to become your support.

Don’t take every man who comes into your life as your one and only spouse. The psychology of a woman is such that she tends to build castles in the air. Do not rush to get closer — keep your distance and enjoy the state of being in love.


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