How to build family relationships

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How to build family relationships

It’s like in the song: «White dress, white veil.» Or, as in a fairy tale: «They lived happily ever after.» But how to build a happy family life? So that the house is a “full bowl”, in which there are “seven in benches”, and at the head “husband and wife are one Satan”. In general, is it possible to build family relations Or do they add up on their own according to unknown laws?
How to build family relationships


As a rule, the first questions to each other arise literally the next day after the end of the «honeymoon». And here it is very important how you behave: you will immediately begin to conflict or you will learn to negotiate. And if the marriage is left far in the past, and you are only now concerned about harmonizing your relationship, then it’s okay too. The main thing is to follow a few simple rules, and happiness in family life will definitely return to you.
The first rule is attention to each other. Be interested in how his day went, what your “second half” dreams about, what makes you sad. Remember that participation in the fate of a loved one is priceless. However, avoid extremes, that is, the notorious “looking into the mouth” and warning desires — oh, how quickly they get used to the good!
The second rule is help in word and deed. Be ready to come at the first call, listen to stories about his emotional experiences all night long and iron the creases on his trousers. Inflection — forget about your own life and completely adapt to his plans.
Rule #3: Learn to say “no”. For example, if you are absolutely sure that you do not want a third child, stand your ground, even if the husband dreams of a sweet daughter. However, you should always be able to justify your point of view logically. It should be a firm position, not a tantrum.
And finally, the main rule — there is never too much love! Speak affectionate words if you have tender nicknames — use them in private communication, make gifts to each other and, of course, confess your love, even if you have been together for 20 years, and it would seem that everything has been clear between you for a long time.
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Happy family relationships cannot be built once and for all, and then enjoy the result for many years. It is a process that requires daily participation, patience and care. So, enjoy the process, remember the rule of the «golden mean» and you will definitely be happy!

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