How to build relationships with those who are not like us

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How to build relationships with those who are not like us

There are millions of people on the planet of different nationalities, views, creeds, as well as those who simply differ in character, worldview, and lifestyle. And sometimes it is not easy to accept and build good relations with those who are not like us, but by cultivating tolerance in ourselves, this is not so difficult.
There can be many differences, but everyone can agree on something important


The very first rule in building a relationship is that the person should be genuinely interesting to you. Another option is that you need to communicate with him, since you work or study together, and this is also your personal interest.
Learn not to divide people into “good” and “bad”, into “us” and “them”, and at the same time place yourself in positive categories. A person who does not consider himself the best is loyal to people who are completely different from him. Such a person accepts the difference and imperfection of everyone, therefore he is not familiar with such a concept as opposing himself to someone.
Be open. Listen and accept a variety of points of view, and at the same time do not enter into an argument, comparing other people’s beliefs with your own. This will allow you to expand your own understanding of the world, see something through the eyes of another person, and at the same time understand it.
A sense of humor helps to erase, at first glance, even the biggest dissimilarity and misunderstanding. Just stop taking differences seriously and raising them to a global power.
Get closer to the person. Often the quality of difference changes the more the closer we look at a person. Engage in a common cause, the outcome of which will be important for everyone, and then you will be able to discern a person, and it may turn out that you are not so different people.
Opposites are known to attract and complement each other, so think of a person who is not like you as a different version of yourself that you can add to your image through close communication. Study this person, treat him as an interesting find.
Be simple. Almost all people with such qualities as kindness, openness, honesty, simplicity, sincerity can communicate on an equal footing. Everyone has it, regardless of their group, and if you manage to catch this universal human wave, then communication can become friendly and comfortable for all its participants.

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