How to buy an apartment. Where to start

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How to buy an apartment. Where to start

How to buy an apartment? How to improve living conditions. People buy property for many reasons. Everyone has their own, the most weighty and important.
Some invest the accumulated sums in improving their living conditions, the second — carry out an exchange in order to receive an additional payment, the third — to part with grown-up children, and so on. Once again, there are many reasons for buying an apartment.
Moreover, absolutely everyone is counting on a win-win deal that will help them improve their living conditions.
There are a huge number of objects presented in various print and online publications. This creates the illusion of abundance. But how to choose from all this variety the option that is right for you?


  • First, let’s take a look at your needs.
  • How to improve living conditions
  • time or money

First, let’s take a look at your needs.

«Improve living conditions.» Under these simple words, everyone understands something of their own.

  • Someone needs to increase the living space, as children grow up in the family. And tightness, in this case, is a source of chronic stress for all family members.
  • Others have enough space in the apartment, but they are tired of the shabby Khrushchev building with a view of the industrial zone.
  • Still others are no longer able to continue living on a «smart» pension, and therefore are ready to give up the «extra» square meters in the name of improving their financial condition.
  • Fourth, they hope to profitably invest in real estate and create an additional cash source for themselves from renting it out.

Therefore, taking into account the priorities known only to you, and based on your needs and real financial possibilities, it is necessary to find a reasonable solution.

How to improve living conditions

Tip one: try to determine what is most important for you when solving the housing issue — the number of square meters of housing or their quality. And what role in the «scale of values» can the location of the selected apartment play?
Today, when comparing prices per square meter of housing, there is no abstract concept of a 1-room apartment in St. Petersburg. The price is influenced by many objective and subjective factors, depending on which you can purchase a different amount of «living space» for the same amount.
Moreover, this applies not only to the quality of the structure (type and condition of the house), but also to the quality of life, which directly depends on the environment (social homogeneity of the settlement, the infrastructure of the area and its livability).

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For example. «Treshka» in a residential area will most likely be cheaper, «kopeck piece» in a new «brick» next to the metro. Or a new «studio» in the historic center of the city — in a modern elite building after reconstruction.
Obviously, with the same monetary amount, the choice still remains early. Everything will depend on your motives for changing your place of residence or investing in real estate.

time or money

Starting to search for an object, weigh your problems: how urgently do you need to solve the housing problem.
Tip two: you need to understand that up to 90% of the options offered are either settlements or options with a counter purchase. Thus, a very long chain of transactions can stretch behind the housing you have chosen, significantly hindering the achievement of your goal.
Of course, only direct sales options can be considered in advance, but they are (due to shortages) more expensive, and they are sold much faster. So there is no time to think.

As a rule, in any situation, several solutions can be found. Therefore, it is better to weigh all the pros and cons in your search for the best option in advance, even before you start viewing specific apartments.
You can carry out the analysis yourself and yourself, but still, it is better to involve a specialist. He will be able to show you the advantages of one or another option with numbers in his hands. In addition, he will be able to enlighten you on the subject of additional, completely unexpected for you, real estate market opportunities.
It is possible that instead of an apartment on the secondary real estate market, in the end, investing in new construction is more suitable for you.

In addition to the fact that, depending on the readiness of the object, you will be able to properly allocate your funds, new buildings have higher consumer properties than houses of mass series of the Soviet era.
In addition, to help buyers who do not have all the amount necessary for the purchase, mechanisms can come to solve housing problems, such as mortgages.
A real professional, who is faced with similar problems every day, will be able to suggest you a completely “non-standard” solution on how to improve living conditions.

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Once again, the main thing when buying an apartment is to correctly determine your needs. But based on the needs and financial capabilities, it is easier to look for ways to improve housing conditions.
But remember: choosing an apartment yourself, using the mass media available to everyone, is very difficult.
An inexperienced person will cling to the minor, but will miss the essential. And ignorance of many nuances can lead to a waste of time.


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