How to call parents on you or on you

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How to call parents on you or on you

How to call parents: on you or on you? This issue was especially relevant at the beginning of the 20th century, when love and respect for parents could only be imposed by maintaining an artificial distance in the communication of two different generations. Is there such a need today?
How to call parents on you or on you


In the old Russian manner of communication, there was no choice how to address parents: on you or on you. The tradition of addressing father and mother to you was introduced to Russia by Peter I, with the introduction of etiquette rules borrowed from the Germans. At first, such a tradition appeared as a fashion, but over time, turning to parents on You became a necessity.
“Mom, how beautiful you are today!” Such praise to the closest person was especially popular at the beginning of the 20th century. It was believed that through an appeal to parents, a child is inspired from childhood that the father and mother are the most revered people. Do not forget that this tradition became especially popular in a period when it was impossible to show love to children. Education was based on learning to be useful to society and to carry out the policy of the party. Accordingly, if there were no manifestations of love and care on the part of the parents, where would the responses from the children come from. You cannot force a child to feel respect for a parent, but you can force him to develop the habit of thinking about his parents with reverence, addressing them as the powers that be.
We are more fortunate. Today, no one argues that love and care for a child must be shown from the first days until the moment when he himself moves away from us. To love and demonstrate this love, as well as care and understanding. Then the child naturally has a sense of security, then a sense of self-confidence, and as a result, there is a need to take care of and honor their parents, regardless of the appeal to you. How can you tightly hug the one you call on you?
Today, the rules of etiquette tell us that you cannot switch to you in communication with a person with whom you have a significant difference in age or social status. Most people use the appeal to you to build a psychological barrier in communicating with strangers. But today we are unlikely to meet young people who would address their father as you.

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