How to call your girlfriend

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How to call your girlfriend

Professional psychologists believe that by the way a man calls his girlfriend, you can find out how he treats her, and whether they have family relationships in the future. To check the accuracy of such studies, test them for yourself. What do you call your beloved? Follow our step by step instructions.
How to call your girlfriend


Call her cat names: “kitty”, “kisulya”, “kitten”, “purr”, if you are a soft and romantic nature. But women with «cat» nicknames can easily take over and start nurturing you, so be careful with such affectionate names.
Call the girl your «Beloved» if you are looking for comfort and peace in her after a hard day’s work. «Beloved» treat their men with increased attention and care. In the future, you will create a happy married couple.
Call your beloved «My gold», «Gold», if you are focused on work, career. Psychologists say that men who call their girls that way are capable of marriage of convenience. Although, it is not always necessary to focus only on the opinions of psychologists.
You call a girl delicious confectionery: “donut”, “bun”, “cupcake”, or simply and in a homely way — “hostess”, if you want to see her as a home wife who will be happy to spend time at the stove to feed you a delicious dinner . Psychologists say that such men value home life, and are easily ready to exchange a walk with friends for an evening in a cozy home circle.
Call the girl «Sun» if you want her to be always in sight, to give you her rays. By naming a girl like that, you make her responsible to always be on top, with a great mood and a great sense of humor.
Call your girlfriend «Honey» if you like peace and quiet. «Darling» is unlikely to make a scandal with screaming and breaking dishes. It will be difficult for you to find a reason for a quarrel with her. Psychologists say that such men, as a rule, have a soft, flexible character.
Call the girl “Baby”, “Baby”, if the sexual side of the relationship with your lover is most important to you. Psychologists say that a girl will always have a lot of fun with such a man. But, unfortunately, it will be hard for a girl to achieve something more from you, perhaps until you just work up.
Call the girl «Rybka» if you want comfort and coziness. Such a girl will surely create all the conditions for you and surround you with care.

Calling a girl one or another affectionate nickname, remember that you impose a certain responsibility on her, and at the same time characterize yourself.


SUPER — so you can call your girlfriend. Examples: — You are super, dear — You are super, the sun — Superskaya — You are my «super»! How to name your favorite? Antidepressant is a newly added word, from an unknown author. Girls often relieve depression from us, men or guys. Although it happens the other way around…

Useful advice

Guys have an eternal problem, it’s hard to figure out how to name a girl. I will try to help you, and write the most common options. It could be something unique that only applies to the girl or a specific memory with her. For example, if once sitting at the table she stuffed a lot of food into her mouth, and since then you call her a hamster.

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