How to calm a child

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How to calm a child

All small children cry, and many parents are simply unable to understand the reason. They begin to worry, seek some kind of consolation, but it does not always help. And how do you calm the child down? In the first years of life, the baby cannot speak and communicates with others in sign language, and sometimes even through crying. This is how he expresses his emotions.
How to calm a child

The next time you cry, try the following:

  1. maybe the child is hungry, and it’s time to feed him, because children at this age eat often and little by little
  2. it is possible that he has wet diapers and it’s time to change them-
  3. change its position, turn it over on the tummy or on the back, side-
  4. turn on soft quiet music
  5. offer him his favorite toy
  6. babysit him, pick him up and walk around —
  7. say a few nice words to the baby —

And it is best to try to determine the cause of crying or restlessness of a small child or older. In the first years of life, young children need special and careful care that requires increased attention. And then in the future, you can minimize baby crying. If, after trying a bunch of different options, you still could not calm the child, do not despair, it is quite possible that you just need to calm down and then your calmness will be transferred to your baby. Do not immediately suppress crying, maybe this is the only way to express your feelings. It is possible that the child himself will indicate the cause of his anxiety. If something hurts him, he himself can indicate where by putting his hands there, or the expression on his face will tell about it.

If the child is older and has a tantrum, you should not pay attention to him for some time, the child will quickly get tired of being capricious. Something needs to be done to distract him. Try to occupy him with some interesting business, in which he will go with his head and zeal. Another effective method is taking soothing baths, sets of which are sold in any pharmacies in the city. Sports activities contribute to the release of energy. Ask your child which sport they like best. Calm, cozy home environment helps to prevent nervous breakdowns.

Try to protect the child from watching TV before bedtime and from outdoor games.

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