How to calm a girl down

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How to calm a girl down

If your girlfriend is so angry that she has ceased to control her actions, then you have “annoyed” her hard and you will have to calm her down until piercing and cutting kitchen items are used. By the way, in this case, the cause of such a threatening conflict no longer matters. Check out a few tips to make the process of normalizing explosive environments faster.
How to calm a girl down


Don’t get angry on your own. It doesn’t matter what your soul mate will say, even if she swears or even swears, try to think that “she won’t be able to make me angry too.” Her condition may return to normal if she reads complete calm in your eyes.
Forget about logic. If a woman is really angry, then no logical arguments and chains can fix the situation. It’s better to just ignore her caustic phrases past your ears or twist.
If you are to blame for the conflict, be a man, admit your mistake. Most of the fair sex immediately calms down after this.
Listen carefully, even if, in fact, there is nothing to listen to except swearing. Do not interrupt your passion, let her express everything that has boiled over. Only then should you express your own opinion.
Try to please the woman/girl you love. If you don’t agree with anything she says, don’t tell her right away. When a woman is insane, listen to her arguments. Even if it is difficult for you to do this, agree with the girl at least in something. This will help her to feel that you respect her opinion and to calm down a bit.
Look into the eyes. On the one hand, this may seem like a hint of aggressiveness, but in fact it will show her how carefully you listen to her. If you look away, you can be accused of all mortal sins, even if you did nothing wrong.
Try to ask questions. This will also convince the girl that they are listening carefully and want to help.
Take her for a walk. Even the smallest physical activity, as well as the relatively fresh air of city parks, will help your girlfriend relieve irritation and calm down.
Use trivial but effective phrases like: “I agree with you”, “You are right”, “Sorry, I was wrong”, “I’m sorry”. Sometimes these phrases alone are enough to end the strife and calm down.

Tip 2: How to look for a dog

The owners of four-legged pets think about the question “how to look for a dog” only when the pet is lost. You need to look for a dog using all possible and affordable methods, and there are actually a lot of them.
How to look for a dog
You will need
  • Internet
  • Regional media
  • Lost Announcements
  • pet photos


You can search for a dog quite effectively through the Internet. A photograph of a missing pet should be posted in all thematic forums of the city. The owners of some specialized sites also provide the opportunity to place a photo of a missing dog in the form of a banner. Do not neglect text announcements about the loss — a detailed description of the pet in addition to the photo will not be superfluous. Be sure to also look at ads about found animals: not all people use the Internet or read the “lost dog” section in newspapers.
With the help of media with free ads, you can also try to find your dog. As a rule, advertisements for the sale of pets are placed in such publications for free in the relevant sections.
If you at least roughly know the area where the dog could be lost, it is worth looking for it there first of all. Posting ads, despite technological progress, is still one of the most effective methods to search for a missing dog. On the ad, it is desirable, in addition to the description of the dog, to place its photo of good quality.
Personal contacts with the residents of the search area will not be superfluous at all. Children and elderly ladies at the entrances spend most of the day in good weather in the open air and see a lot, so they can provide useful information for searching.
In announcements and calls for help, it is advisable to offer a reward to the finder of the lost dog. Especially if the dog is purebred. But to refer to the soreness of the animal, the need for surgery or the complex nature of the pet is not worth it — these methods no longer justify themselves.


It is not necessary to indicate the amount of remuneration in the ad. A large amount will attract the interest of criminal personalities, and a small reward that finds a dog can simply be neglected.

Useful advice

The most effective search for a dog in the first week after the loss.

Attention, only TODAY!

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