How to calm your loved one

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How to calm your loved one

Has your girlfriend lost sleep, appetite and doesn’t even want to look in your direction? Is she either lethargic and lethargic or feverishly aroused? Most likely, she is going through a lot of stress and is not ready to share her feelings with you. But, nevertheless, she needs help, and it is up to you to do this.
How to calm your loved one


Women’s ability to panic even for the most insignificant reason is well known. No, this does not mean that your loved one is a hysteric. Perhaps she is just too sensitive, accept it as a fact.
Use proven methods. Girls in critical situations show an increased interest in sweets. Stock up on cake and sweets, make tea. There is a chance that your beloved will share her problems with you, and you will suggest the right solution.
If the situation is serious, sweets alone will not do. Just in case, protect your beloved from alcohol and cigarettes in shock doses, arguing these tough measures by the fact that alcohol has not yet helped anyone solve an important issue. But it hurt — as much as you like.
In the matter of bringing the girl to life, watching movies together has proven itself to be quite good. First, you will distract her and, thereby, calm her down a bit. Secondly, by her reaction, you can understand what happened. For example, if she cries as soon as she sees a baby on the screen, carefully check the trash can for a pregnancy test package lying around there?
Use a tricky trick — pretend that nothing is happening. Say that you have planned a joint kayaking trip next weekend, and on Monday your dad is coming from Taganrog. How is she not ready to accept him? What kayaks?! Honey, is something wrong? Hand her a handkerchief and get ready to listen.
When asking questions, don’t be too intrusive. Perhaps the problem is too sensitive to discuss it with a man. Do not demand details, let her tell what she sees fit. Then proceed according to circumstances.
If, despite all your efforts, the girl continues to be secretive and nervous, relax and let events take their course. Something really important will sooner or later come out, and the little things will resolve themselves. The main thing is to let her know that she can count on your man’s shoulder. And this argument will calm her better than the most delicious chocolate in the world.

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