How to catch cheating

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How to catch cheating

Recently, relations with a partner have gone wrong, you quarrel a lot and do not understand why this is happening. Maybe it has something to do with being cheated on?
How to catch cheating


If you are confident that you need to get to the bottom of the truth at any cost, find out if your spouse is cheating on you, then perhaps the most reliable way is to hire a detective who specializes in this kind of activity. A professional will take all the necessary measures and provide evidence of the presence or absence of infidelity. But what will you do with this truth?
If for some reason it is not possible to deal specifically with the personal life of your other half, or if suspicions simply arise, then first try to collect circumstantial evidence. Analyze the situation and then, having drawn conclusions, take the next steps.
You can deduce some general indirect signs of infidelity, characteristic of both sexes. Both men and women, falling in love, change some habits: in the choice of clothes, in the manner of dressing. They suddenly begin to pay close attention to their appearance, go to the gym or try to put their figure in order in other ways. It is clear that these changes cannot be one hundred percent evidence that the partner is unfaithful to you. But still…
He (she) has changed behavior when talking on the phone or when using other means of communication. When you try to get closer to the computer monitor during the correspondence of the spouse (wife), he (she) quickly closes the dialog box and gets angry, saying that you are disturbing him (her). And when the phone rings, he (she) prefers to communicate by leaving the room.
Pay attention to the attitude towards you personally, how much and dramatically it has changed. This recommendation applies more to women: if earlier your food completely satisfied the culinary tastes of your spouse, now he is dissatisfied with your cooking or even aggressively comments on your style of dressing, behaving in public, and so on. That is, there is a strange feeling that he looks at you with different eyes, or that there is someone to compare with. In principle, approximately the same kind of criticism in relation to the household duties of a husband may arise in a traitor, she can unwittingly compare her husband with her lover, which will irritate her husband’s behavior.
The reason to think is the late return from work or completely unexpected urgent business at work on weekends. Maybe in fact the husband (wife) decided to earn extra money or the work schedule requires, why not?
Such behavior is sometimes inherent in unfaithful men. If your husband began to give you flowers, small or expensive gifts, which he had not noticed before, then this may be a kind of way to make amends. Although, again, there may be such an option: the husband began to earn more and just wanted to please you by presenting surprises.
If these circumstantial evidence are present in the behavior of the spouse (wife) all at once, then it probably makes sense to calmly argue with your partner and ask him directly if he is cheating. If in this way you manage to convict your husband (wife) of infidelity, will it bring you satisfaction?


Men most often seek on the side of physical pleasure. That is, perhaps the intimate side of your married life does not suit your husband, and in order to make up for this, he went «to the left.» By talking openly about this problem, you can save the family.

Women can decide to cheat if they do not receive warmth, emotional intimacy, and good relations from their spouse.

Useful advice

Before you come to grips with finding out if your partner is cheating on you, think about why you need it. Maybe you should first correct your behavior, appearance, manner of communicating with your husband (wife). Then, perhaps, the one-time cases of adultery that took place will stop. Any person wants to receive positive emotions, warmth, care and attention in the family, next to loved ones. Maybe something has left your couple and the partner seeks to make up for this by going «to the left».

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