How to cheer up a girl

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How to cheer up a girl

In the life of every person there are moments when he needs friendly support to improve his mood and take decisive action. Gender stereotypes about this state that girls need such support more often than boys. Whether this is so or not is a moot point. But the fact that it is girls who are more likely to demonstrate the need for encouragement is a fact.
How to cheer up a girl


So that you can deal with your girlfriend’s bad mood, try to find and eliminate its cause. Tips for finding such reasons are meaningless, because almost everything in the world can ruin a girl’s mood. Therefore, the annoying stimulus in each case will be individual. Your task is to analyze the situation and deal with it.
At this stage, it is worth remembering the wisdom that we need to distinguish between things that we can change and those that are not subject to us. The first will require strength, the second — humility. Tell the girl about it.
Trying to cheer up a girlfriend, if possible, avoid statements with a negative assessment of her. Not everyone is able to perceive criticism and not everyone is able to constructively present it. And with a sad mood, any comments are perceived as more offensive.
Bad example: «It’s your style: leave everything to the last moment, now you have to clear this blockage.»
A good example is: “Yes, there are a lot of things to do, do you want me to help you with one of them?”
This does not mean that criticism is inappropriate in principle, rather, you need to choose the right time for it when the girl is ready to listen to you.
Psychologists have long proven that close physical contact with loved ones improves mood. Simply put, for a cheerful mood, you need to hug more often. You can also give your friend a massage. So, for example, massage in the collar area improves blood flow to the head and has a positive effect on brain function.
Treat girl bitter chocolate. A number of products, including sweets made from cocoa beans, contain endorphins. Once in the body, they make us happier for a while.
Another effective way to cheer up girl It’s just to be with her. The realization that she can always rely on you will give her strength and self-confidence.

Useful advice

If at the moment when your help is needed, you are not near the girl, try to keep in touch with her anyway.

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