How to choose a children’s mattress

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How to choose a children’s mattress

All the best for the kids. Our parents tried to live by this rule, and now this axiom will pass to us. Do you already feel this oppression? Not yet? Then try to buy a good mattress for your child. Realized, imbued and confused? Do not despair — now we will study the correct models of mattresses and try to find a truly high-quality option.

Children’s mattress of medium hardness

What is suitable for a child

A modern mattress for a child can be:

  • spring type with independent blocks or bonnels;
  • springless design with natural or artificial filler.

Moreover, a really good option can be found in both the spring and springless catalog of the manufacturer. The most important criterion for choosing a good and comfortable children’s mattress is the stiffness of the filler. The higher it is, the better.

Mattress with independent springs

Therefore, looking through the catalog of mattresses, try to find the following options in it:

  1. Spring models, the design of which includes separate blocks of shock absorbers. A high-quality children’s version has independent spring blocks with a diameter of 2 to 6 centimeters, packed in individual cases. Dependent bonnels will not give the necessary anatomical effect, spoiling the child’s posture due to lack of rigidity.
  2. Or coconut models from the springless catalog. A high-quality children’s model needs only natural materials, and the best of them are latex sponge and coconut coir. They are not afraid of moisture, parasites do not start in them. Moreover, some manufacturers offer multilayer fillers.
Mattress with coconut filling

Just do not look for an orthopedic mattress in the children’s catalog of ordinary online stores — this option refers to medical products. Similar recommendations apply to a vacuum mattress — a tool for paramedics and mountain rescuers.

What to choose for a baby, schoolchild and teenager

As you already understood, good and comfortable children’s mattresses can be spring, latex, coconut or hypoallergenic. But which one is good for your little one? To answer this question, we need to take into account the age of the child — the average rigidity and size of the product will depend on it.

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And if you want to buy a quality model with an anatomical effect, you should listen to the following recommendations:

  1. A single model with a size of 60×120 centimeters and a filler made of coconut coir, which does not absorb moisture, is suitable for a newborn. Manufacturers advise sleeping on such products for up to 3 years.
  2. A preschooler needs a single version of an almost adult size of 70×140 centimeters with a multi-layer filler of coir and latex. This filling holds the spine, does not absorb moisture and does not provoke allergies. Manufacturers advise using such a product for up to 6 years.
  3. For children of primary and secondary school age, a model up to 90 cm wide and 190-200 cm long is suitable. Moreover, the ideal purchase in this case would be a double-sided spring version with a hard and soft surface. Such products are in the catalog of any manufacturer.
  4. A teenager over 12 years old needs an adult single option with medium firmness. As a filler, you can choose latex or independent springs. Such a purchase will last until adulthood.
Mattress for newborns

As you can see, the children’s model will have to be changed at least 4 times, because the toddler and the teenager will not be able to sleep on the same bed, not only because of the difference in size. Therefore, you should find a good manufacturer who can be trusted with the rest of a child of any age. If such a brand is found, you will only have to change the bed at 3 years old, at 6 and 12 years old, using the offer from the children’s series.


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