How to choose a sofa that will last for years

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How to choose a sofa that will last for years

The sofa set dominates the living room, and in smaller apartments it also replaces the bed. How to choose the option that meets your requirements and lasts as long as possible


  • Sofa — what to consider
    • How many people will use it?
    • Will the sofa be used for casual sitting only or for daily naps?
    • Do you have small children in your family?
    • Will pets have access to the seat?
    • With or without storage space?
  • Which design to choose
  • upholstery material
  • How to choose a sofa for everyday sleep

Sofa — what to consider

Looking for a new sofa? Take a meter in hand and measure how much space you actually have for a new thing. It is necessary to leave enough free space around it for smooth movement. When measuring, also take into account the fact that there will probably be a coffee table next to the sofa — so that you can fit there without feeling cramped in the room. What else do you need to think about before purchasing it?

How many people will use it?

Count 60-80 cm per person.

Will the sofa be used for casual sitting only or for daily naps?

The requirements for materials and the folding mechanism are completely different here.

Do you have small children in your family?

Choose durable construction and upholstery that is easy to clean.

Will pets have access to the seat?

Choose durable upholstery that is resistant even to claws.

With or without storage space?

Especially for small spaces, buy with storage space.

Which design to choose

Service life largely depends on the design. You have the choice of solid wood, metal, chipboard, plastic or a combination of several materials. The most durable, but also the most expensive seats are constructed from high-quality solid wood, such as beech. Spruce, pine and chipboard are cheaper, but also less durable. Durability is also ensured by the metal structures of the folding seats. Better to avoid plastic in the skeleton.

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upholstery material

How to recognize a quality thing that does not shrink? Focus on the materials used. Avoid foam pads and textile crumbs, which quickly lose their shape. The best choice is sandwich core, which consists of several types of foam, each of which has different properties and can distribute weight well. Another option is a seat with a spring core combined with foam rubber, which is not so easy to sit down. In this case, it is better not to try to save!

The coating material affects the service life as well as the difficulty of maintenance. For coatings, you will find the value given in Martindale cycles, where 1 cycle means 1 revolution of the cylinder, which passes under high pressure. Usually it is 20-40 thousand cycles. The higher the number, the more abrasive the material — the strongest have up to 150,000 Martindale cycles.

ADVICE: For a family with children or four-legged pets, consider purchasing a Teflon-coated sofa that is water-repellent and easy to care for. The removable cover, which is easy to machine wash, is great too.

How to choose a sofa for everyday sleep

In small apartments, there is a trend towards multifunctional furniture. Therefore, sofa beds are very popular for everyday sleep. What should such a seat correspond to? Make sure you choose one that you can place comfortably after unfolding. The length should ideally be 200 cm, like a classic bed. The opening width of 160 cm is sufficient for two people, while 180 cm provides a more comfortable sleep.

You will lay out a sofa for everyday sleep very often. Therefore, the choice of folding mechanism is critical. Several types are available, from a drawer through a folding system with a split mattress to the so-called click-clack extension. The easiest manipulation is definitely the click-clack, which you unfold in two motions as the support becomes the loading pad. The fold-out system with a firm mattress, providing the greatest comfort, is most convenient for daily sleep. The price of this mechanism is also significantly higher.


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