How to choose a target

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How to choose a target

Choosing a goal is not as easy a task as it seems at first glance. And it needs to be approached with the utmost care. Otherwise, one who does not want to choose his own goals himself runs the risk of embodying someone else’s all his life. And as someone of the wise said, there is no greater misfortune than to find out at the end of your life that you spent all the time allotted to you on the fields of other people’s battles.
How to choose a target
You will need
  • — a pen
  • — paper


Most goals are difficult to achieve because they are vaguely formulated. Most people don’t even know what they need. If you don’t know where you are going, you will certainly come to the wrong place. Therefore, take a piece of paper, a pen and write down all your desires, since some of them may well turn out to be goals.
Write out specific goals, not vague ones like “find an interesting job” or “have a good life.” Answer your questions about how many meters should be in the large apartment you want, what kind of business you want to do, what color is the interior of your future car.

Be as specific as possible about your desire. If it cannot be specified, then this is not a goal at all or a goal imposed on you from the outside.
Be sure to check all your goals «for lice», that is, for belonging to you, and not to your aunt or parents. That is, its achievement will be beneficial in the first place to you.

The goal regarding your self-realization should lie at the intersection of several areas — your resources, capabilities and talents, as well as desires. That is, the achievement and (this is important!) The process of achieving this goal must cause you a feeling of pleasure, sincere interest — you must have a penchant for activities related to the goal (love to draw, for example, wanting to become an artist) and have certain resources (have good eyesight, observation, a certain mindset). If the goal does not meet these criteria, feel free to refuse it.
Determine the time frame for achieving the goal and the steps that need to be taken to achieve it. Let the dates be approximate, but describe the steps in detail. Assess what resources you lack to achieve your goal, and come up with ways to get those resources.
For example, in order to create ingenious works of painting, you may lack professional training (we are looking for teachers or going to a specialized university) and material components (canvas, professional paints, brushes, a workshop, a certain nature, and so on).


Goals can be false or «toy», but quite a substitute for real goals. The toy goals of a person include those that are not related to the realization of his potential. Example: collecting stamps, collecting designer clothes. This is a game of having a goal.

Useful advice

Instead of a pen and paper, you can use any text editor. However, be sure to save a file or sheet with written goals and from time to time evaluate how far you have progressed in achieving the chosen goals.

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