How to compliment a girl

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How to compliment a girl

A compliment is the engine of any relationship, business, friendship and, especially, love. This is a special genre with its own stylistic and psychological laws.
A compliment is the key to a woman's heart


Relevance. If a girl has a delicate taste and a developed sense of humor, you should not read sentimental stories, writing out cast-iron templates from there like: «Your eyes are like two lakes.» Plunging into the bowels of the love lyrics of bygone eras is a good option if the girl has a mind chamber. This will appreciate lines from the Iliad, Song of Songs or Omar Khayyam. And if a friend is proud, like a mountain eagle, but uncomplicated, like a freshly painted stool, then for the expression «Your chest is like two fluffy chrysanthemums» it can cause serious bodily harm.
Originality. If you think that you are the first man who compares this girl with a May rose, then you are mistaken. Even if she did not hear this expression in reality, she certainly met him in romance novels and, for sure, tried on the role of sentimental heroines for herself. If you nevertheless decided on a heroic feat and scraped out two hundred and twenty curly expressions from ten kilograms of sentimental fiction for all occasions, then you should save them for a girlfriend who lives and breathes these novels. Comparison with one of the heroines will be the best compliment for her.
Formula. A compliment is when a man admires what a woman wants to see in herself. Build her dreams to the finished image. If a girl is a public figure, then it would be appropriate to talk about her wonderful future, mentioning her excellent business and organizational qualities. The usual compliment-comparison involves comparing the girl and some ideal image with which she compares herself. A good compliment is the truth that awakens the imagination and evokes remarks like: «Why do you think so? And when did you realize this? Are you kidding?»
Empathy. The ability to empathize, feel the needs of the second half — this is the golden quality that women appreciate in men. It is empathy that helps to choose the most appropriate words and make the compliment individual, not stereotyped. In general, any compliment is an indicator of how well a man understands his half. Suppose, for a man, she resembles a «pretty little sheep.» But a girl who, by occupation, feels like a shepherd or a guard dog of a stupid flock, may be offended by a «sheep». And only if a man catches her unspoken desire to be weak and protected, the compliment will take root.


Commonplaces like «How beautiful you are today» can cause irritation: «What is usually not very good?» If this phrase is appropriate (for example, at a meeting), then it is worth restructuring it. For example, «You are different every day! You never cease to amaze me.»

Useful advice

A good compliment is said casually, confidently and in an ordinary voice. «Tie» a compliment to a donated rose or chocolate bar is a bad form.

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