How to compliment

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How to compliment

Man is the most incredible creature on our planet. He manages not only to be a separate and unique personality, but also to live in a society that establishes its own rules and regulations. Living among other people, the person himself gradually begins to depend on their behavior and, often, on their opinion of themselves. That is why, receiving a forest and pleasant assessment of our personality, we become warmer and happier in our souls.
How to compliment

It is very nice to receive high-quality compliments. We become more supportive of a person who has noticed our virtues. But it is very difficult to give compliments correctly and in a timely manner. Indeed, if you do not guess with the assessment, quantity or moment of what was said, good intentions can be perceived as insincere flattery, possibly binding to something. The response can already go at the subconscious level — a negative and harsh response, distrust, a desire to end the conversation.

But how can this situation be prevented? How do you know that the words you say will be received correctly by establishing contact and softening the situation? To do this, you need to know a few simple principles based primarily on human psychology:

  1. Feel the mood of the interlocutor. If he is focused on an important problem for him or is anxious about something, then an unexpected compliment will knock him out of his thoughts and only lead to irritation. But this does not mean that when we are in a bad mood, we do not want to hear something pleasant about ourselves. On the contrary, sometimes sudden warm words can change the state of a person polarly. But for this you need to feel the interlocutor well, see his mood and predict his reaction!
  2. To point out the merits of those things that a person cherishes and is proud of is the simplest and most effective compliment! All people are children at heart, and if a child constantly carries a toy in his hands, he will be proud to hear words of delight and surprise about her. It is the same with adults: by knowing the interests of a person, you can easily get close to his heart through his own hobby or hobby. The main thing is not to overdo it with the number of compliments in a conversation and do them sincerely, and not for the sake of any benefit.
  3. Remember: you need to say compliments in a confident, calm voice. And be ready to prove your opinion — you should not scatter words without substantial grounds. From the outside it will look too unnatural. Be honest, and you yourself will understand what kind words your interlocutor wants to hear!

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