How to conceive twins

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How to conceive twins

Pregnancy is a great happiness, and the expectation of two babies at once is a double happiness. At present, it is difficult to conceive twins, there is a high probability of the birth of two babies at once, if certain recommendations are followed.
How to conceive twins


The greatest influence on the birth of twins is heredity. The ability to conceive twins is in the genes. The ability of a woman to simultaneously produce several eggs is hereditary. The birth of twins is passed down from generation to generation, and not only through the female line.
Another factor that increases the likelihood of conceiving twins is the age of the woman. The older the expectant mother, the greater the likelihood of multiple pregnancy. This is due to the fact that over time, the release of eggs occurs less frequently. Well, when they accumulate, there is a surge and at this time several eggs are released at once.
With each subsequent birth, the chances of giving birth to twins increase. If twins have already been born, then conceive more twins — the probability is very high. This is due to the fact that the body of a mother who has given birth to twins acquires the ability to produce several eggs at once during the period of ovulation.
A very important factor for the conception of twins is proper and healthy nutrition during conception. It is impossible to get pregnant with twins while dieting.
It is known that for the production of the hormone gonadotropin, which stimulates the ovaries, has a great influence on the duration of daylight hours. Therefore, there is a high probability of conceiving twins in the spring, when the sun is noticeably warm and hormones are playing.
There is a high chance of giving birth to twins if a woman becomes pregnant soon after stopping contraceptives. In this case, the hormone gonadotropin is produced in large quantities, which increases the possibility of conceiving twins.

Tip 2: How to conceive twins

In recent years, the birth rate of twins has increased dramatically. Scientists explain this fact by the fact that a large number of girls, starting from an early age, take contraceptives and hormonal drugs. Thus, women, being treated for infertility and various diseases, stimulate the ovaries. The possibility of conceiving twins at the same time increases.
How to conceive twins

How to eat to conceive twins

2 months before conception, you should start taking folic acid. This must be done daily. Immediately stop smoking and drinking alcohol. It will only be better if you add sour-milk products to your daily diet.

In addition to dairy products, you need to eat yams. It stimulates the ovaries well. They are much more likely to release more than one egg during ovulation. Nuts, whole grains, and eggs are good foods for this purpose.

It is recommended to include sweet potatoes in the diet. Studying one tribe that eats sweet potatoes, scientists concluded that this particular vegetable affects the appearance of a large number of twins among the indigenous people.

Psychology and genetics as factors for the conception of twins

One of the most effective ways to conceive twins is self-hypnosis. It is necessary to imagine yourself in the role of a woman of 40 years. The thing is that at the age of 30 years, the chance of getting pregnant with twins is 3%, and closer to 40 years, this chance increases to 6%.

The most important factor is genetics. If a woman had twins on the maternal side, then the chances of giving birth to twins increase.

If genetics does not contribute to this, and the idea of ​​\u200b\u200bgiving birth to twins has fallen so deep, you can try to find yourself a husband who had twins in his family.

Physiological ways to conceive twins

The chances of having twins increase if the girl already has children. Some of the scientists refer to some excess in the weight of the woman, after the birth of the first child.

Twins are easier for those girls who are breastfeeding, and also not protected after a previous pregnancy.

medical methods

Taking hormonal or contraceptive drugs, it is worth trying to get pregnant immediately after stopping them. There is direct evidence that as a result of treatment with certain medications, the ovaries release more eggs.

Artificial insemination is by far the most effective method of conceiving twins. Thanks to the IVF procedure, several eggs are fertilized at the same time, which are immediately transplanted to the woman. The probability of having two babies in such a case is very high. Regarding this procedure and preparation for it, you should consult with your gynecologist.

Useful advice

To conceive twins, a healthy and nutritious diet and a healthy lifestyle are essential.

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