How to confess love to a girl

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How to confess love to a girl

Every guy sooner or later has feelings about a girl. We all go through this. These feelings certainly need to be expressed. After all, the correct declaration of love can ignite a reciprocal feeling in the listener. A few basic positions to consider when making a confession to a girl or girl:
How to confess love to a girl


At the moment of your confession of endless and reverent love, she should be in a good mood. By choosing the wrong moment, you can get a turn from the gate without having time to finish the first sentence.
During confession, you must be alone. In the presence of strangers, the girl may act feignedly and may not even take your words seriously.
Do not make unexpected declarations of love, otherwise you risk dumbfounding the girl, and the continuation of the conversation may be delayed or even postponed. Start the conversation with some introductory phrase.
If you love, don’t tell the girl that you like her. This is an expression of sympathy, but not love. “I love you” — this is the phrase you should utter. Small variations are possible.
Give more compliments. Every woman, regardless of age, is able to melt from the right compliments.
The beauty of a girl is also worth mentioning, but just do not forget that beauty is not only external, but also internal. About her rich inner world, about her kind heart and pure soul, a few words also need to be said. And then we can talk about love.
Try to argue your confession, because it’s not just that you singled her out from the crowd.
And the last piece of advice, not unimportant — do not allow yourself unnecessary actions and movements ahead of time, even if you are 100% sure that she will tell you “Yes”.

Useful advice

Compliance with these points will not ensure you 100% agree to your confession, but will significantly increase your chances.

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