How to confess your love on the phone

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How to confess your love on the phone

Recognition in love — this is one of the most beautiful and vibrant events that can make you happy! However, it is correct to admit love maybe not everyone. It is especially difficult to open your feelings to a girl with high demands. In this case, the means of technological progress come to the rescue, which will allow you to admit to love on telephone.
How to confess your love on the phone


Recognition in love can be done via SMS. The most important thing to consider here are several important factors. It is better to write a small quatrain in your own words than to download it from the Internet. Many girls keep the messages they like on their phones, and signs of a match between your confession and one of the previously received SMS can alert her. Please note that SMS messages alone will not be enough. In the near future, you will need more weighty confirmation of your feelings. A bouquet of roses will be a very nice addition.
To avoid complications during oral confession in love on telephoneprepare properly for it. Be sure to specify the time when it is convenient to call the girl and chat. Please note that at this moment, nothing should distract her from your voice on the handset.
It will be just great if your verbal confession coincides with a small gift delivered to the girl by courier. It can be a teddy bear with a heart or a CD with romantic music. The main thing is that this addition will create the right atmosphere.
Prepare in advance the text, the words with which you will start the conversation, and the phrases that will allow you to express these feelings. One phrase «I love you», no matter how magical it sounds, will not be enough!
Practice pronunciation of words. Listen to your voice on the recorder. This will allow you to correct some shortcomings in the pronunciation of phrases, avoid parasitic words and eliminate stuttering during a conversation.
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