How to conquer a male calf

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How to conquer a male calf

Any woman dreams of finding and winning a suitable life partner. If in a man you are primarily attracted to reliability and predictability, the comfort of a hearth and unhurried games of monopoly after a hearty meal, then the Taurus man is the one you need.
Taurus men are very fond of tasty and beautiful food.
To conquer a Taurus man, first of all, you must sincerely love to cook, because you will have to cook often and in large quantities. At the same time, the more beautiful the dishes and serving are, the more Taurus will appreciate it.
Never argue with a Taurus man. To win his favor forever, you need to be soft. With all your appearance, show that his opinion is dear and significant to you. Let him feel your support in everything. And if you still want to change something in it, talk about it as tactfully as possible.
But the most important thing is to remain faithful to the calf. Men of this sign are jealous and will not forgive betrayal.

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