How to convince your husband not to drink

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How to convince your husband not to drink

Alcoholism husband, father, as a rule, makes you and your children unhappy, and gradually and completely destroys the family. So you can’t put up with it. Fight and do your best to save your relationship, save a father to your children.
How to convince your husband not to drink


If a person is dear to you, if feelings are still preserved, despite the constant drunken brawls, do not turn away from him, help him cope with this disaster.
Remember that scandals, reproaches and tantrums will not give the desired results. It is better to think about when and why your loved one began to drink alcoholic beverages in unlimited quantities. This was probably a difficult period in his life, and he could not overcome the circumstances. During such a period, you had to be close to your husband so that he would not feel unnecessary and unloved. Drinking alcohol is most often a way to get away from problems.
Therefore, it would be wrong to shift all the blame on him. But do not indulge his weaknesses, especially do not drink alcohol with him. It is better to sit down together and talk frankly about the fact that he has an addiction to alcohol, which must be fought together.
Create at home, if possible, a comfortable and peaceful atmosphere. Do not set the children against the father.
The most difficult thing is to get an alcohol-addicted person to admit to himself and to you that he is addicted and to agree to treatment.
Find out where the best specialists work, who have effective methods in the fight against this disease. Go with your spouse to an appointment with a narcologist and get a referral to the clinic. You may need to work with a psychologist first to convince your husband of the need for treatment.
Do your best to cut off your spouse’s contact with drinking buddies so that there is no temptation to drink again.
Do not leave your husband alone with this addiction, help him overcome the disease, and then peace, tranquility, love will return to your family again.

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