How to cover the roof in the country? 6 main factors when choosing

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How to cover the roof in the country? 6 main factors when choosing

There are many options for roofing materials, and all of them are suitable for a country house, but we will consider which options are more appropriate for which options to choose.


  • House project
  • Appearance
  • Life time
  • Material price
  • Possibility of independent installation, repair and operation
  • Natural and climatic conditions of the region

House project

This is the starting point when choosing a roof. What will be the slope of the roof — accordingly, it is necessary to select the material for which such an angle will be acceptable. Also, for different roofing materials there are standards regarding the features of laying waterproofing.

The shape of the roof and the presence of elements that will be located on it according to the plan (windows, smokers, antennas, weathercocks) are also important. Consider places of increased loads, the likelihood of leaks, the ability to get out onto the roof (for cleaning or repair, for example). The strength of the material and components must meet these requirements.

Most importantly, different roofing materials have different weights.

Determine the permissible load on the supporting structure, taking into account the weight of seasonal precipitation, the possible placement of additional structural elements over time.


Although this factor does not make practical sense, it is often the one that is decisive for buyers. There is nothing shameful in the fact that you want your country house to please the eye. But it is important not to forget about the other nuances when analyzing offers on the roofing materials market.

A beautiful roof may require more expenses, but if it is necessary to sell a house, it will increase its attractiveness and value.

Life time

The higher the price, the longer the life of the material? Often this is the case, but not always. Any expensive material can quickly become unusable if you do not follow the rules of operation. And also cheap — it will last a very long time if everything is calculated and done according to the norms.

The components and professionalism of the roofer play a decisive role.

Also read in detail the technical information about the material and its use: the material under different weather and climatic conditions will retain strength for a different period. Or the material under such external factors will retain strength, but its appearance will deteriorate very soon.

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Calculate the feasibility: sometimes it is more profitable for small buildings to choose a cheaper material and replace it in a couple of years quickly and cheaply than to overpay for an expensive alternative.

Material price

The cost of roofing materials will depend not only on their quality and potential reliability. There may also be a premium for its exclusivity or cost of production in order to endow it with certain visual qualities.

The price often depends on whether the material is produced locally or whether it still needs to be delivered from another region. If a certain type of roofing is popular, due to its advantages, for a given region, then it will be mass-produced and supplied, and, accordingly, the price will be very affordable.

The choice of a product from a trusted manufacturer and professional installation always increase the term of high-quality operation. There is no shortage on the market in material options, their shapes, colors, methods of application. When choosing, weigh which criteria are most important to you and which can be ignored, and compare everything with the parameters of the materials. Check certificates and warranties from the manufacturer, recommendations and conditions under which the roof will serve the stated period. You can always buy high-quality roofing materials at a profitable price at

Important! Remember that you need not only roofing material, but also accessories, fittings, tools for processing, laying, and repairing. You will need to find a specialist to work with this particular material. And if such a roof is rare, then it will be more expensive to hire a professional.

Think over all the nuances that may be important not only when installing the cover, but also when cleaning it. Accessibility for repair or installation of additional structures on the roof should be thought out in advance and ensured.

Possibility of independent installation, repair and operation

Laying roofing material sometimes costs more than the material itself. Be sure to specify the complexity of installing a particular type of roof on large and small houses …

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If you have experience with the tool, if you are not afraid of heights and are sure what exactly and how exactly you need to do in order to install the roof, then you can do everything yourself. But before you self-confidently get down to business, be sure to study the features of the material, instructions on the topic, the cost of replacing elements that can deteriorate if installation errors are made. Look through the master class seven times and measure, and only then cut and fasten once.

Consider also how much time it will take to install the roof — sometimes it is more profitable to hire workers, even if the work is not very difficult, but time-consuming and long-term.

Similarly, everything is with the operation and repair of the roof from one material or another. Will debris accumulate, will pollution be visible, can wind, rain, snow, hail damage the cover? Will you be able to clean or repair the roof yourself if necessary?

Natural and climatic conditions of the region

The number of sunny days, the average annual temperature and the frequency of its changes, humidity, windiness, rainfall, local flora (the prevalence of mosses, lichens) and fauna (birds, insects, rodents) — all this and many more little things that you can forget about, in strength will significantly affect whether the roof you choose will suit you.


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